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My letter to TX Senators re: the lack of border security

Posted by cann0nba11 on September 10, 2006

[originally posted 9/10/2006]

Senator Hutchison,

I recently visited Ground Zero for the first time since the 9/11 attacks. I was most affected not by the lack of the towers but by the display of children’s paintings near the site. Two samples are included in this letter.

I wept out loud when I first saw these images. As a father of children aged three and six my job is to do everything humanly possible to protect my children from harm. The government is supposed to play the same role for its citizens. Failure to enforce current laws and thus allow, and even encourage, the open flow of illegal aliens from many nations into our country is a slap in the face to the founding fathers, our soldiers and our patriotic citizenry. Why isn’t our border being secured?

There WILL be another day like 9/11. To think that this is paranoia is blatant denial of an obvious truth. While officials meet to discuss what else citizens cannot carry onto a plane, people from middle-eastern countries that want to kill us (irregardless of our political affiliation) are entering our homeland unabated. They are planning their next attacks on our water supplies, sports arenas, shopping malls and office buildings.

How can you sleep at night knowing that when, not if, but WHEN the next disaster takes place that you have done nothing to make our nation safer? Do you realize the political, personal and legal wrath that awaits all currently elected politicians that will have American blood on their hands when the next 9/11 happens? I literally lose sleep thinking that there is NOTHING I can do as a citizen of a country whose government is supposedly OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people.

In March of this year you stated “We need to enhance security along the border and in the interior, but we also need comprehensive immigration reform.” Apparently it appears that the Senate views border security and amnesty as a single issue. This is NOT an immigration issue and should NOT be tied to amnesty or other Mexican-related topics. This is about NATIONAL SECURITY.

Why must bills be passed with strict dependencies on other topics? Current immigration laws are sufficient but our law keeping forces are not. On this you and your constituents agree. But, to ignore our porous border and suffer another attack while trying to figure out how to appease the Mexican population and those unpatriotic businesses that fuel the flow of illegal aliens would be analogous to a doctor ignoring a severed limb and trying to save the patient by offering him an aspirin and some water. The continuing flow of blood or illegal aliens will kill each victim.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE draft and pass legislation that secures our borders before we suffer the pain of another 9/11. It is not impossible, it is not difficult, and it is not a campaign issue. It is a matter of time, a matter of life and death. Let the citizens of other countries take a back seat for the time being and focus on the citizens that put you into office in the first place.


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