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Fix Immigration… a fence would be a damned good start.

Posted by cann0nba11 on June 17, 2007

Here’s a great article by James Lewis:

Some highlights:

  • The US Senate has shown itself to be an incompetent gaggle of grandstanders.
  • The United States used to have immigration policies that worked reasonably well. It must be possible to make that happen again.
  • It’s just nonsense that the Bank of America can track credit ratings for illegals, but the United States Government can’t even figure out who they are.

The ideas:

  1. Build a fence and enforce border security.
  2. Outsource immigrant tracking and database management.
  3. Consider letting legal visitor levels float upward, to take the pressure off the illegal flow
  4. If government bureaucracies like the INS can’t do the job, outsource it to private corporations that can and will.
  5. Go back to the sponsor system.
  6. Reduce incentives for illegals and increase them for legal immigrants.
  7. Insist that foreign countries help the United States to enforce its immigration laws.
  8. Require state and local police to register non-English speaking individuals who are stopped for traffic violations and other minor offenses.

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