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Immigration: The Neglected Truths

Posted by cann0nba11 on June 18, 2007

This is an excellent article by Thomas Lifson on the Immigration debate:

I can’t improve upon the article, perhaps the introductory paragraphs will pique your curiosity:

“Most of the public debate over the immigration bill has taken place in a fantasy world where certain fairly immutable truths are blithely ignored. The vast gulf between the political elites and the bulk of the electorate is matched by the vast gulf between the announced intentions of “comprehensive immigration reform” and the inevitable results of their proposals.

Common sense is being strikingly disregarded. And most of the politically correct media are loath to puncture the fantasies of the reformistas. The result is that a majority of the discussion is pointless, and unusually few people have been either informed or persuaded by all the public discourse. The scandalous immigration crisis has been joined by the scandalous immigration bill debate.

Leave aside the shameful accusations and implications of racism by critics of the bill heard from the highest levels of our government.

Here are six basic hard truths that must be part of any realistic attempt to improve matters.”

  1. Any plan that can’t be enforced is no improvement.
  2. Poor and unskilled immigrants are expensive for the rest of society.
  3. A large supply of unskilled immigrant labor benefits some groups and hurts others.
  4. There is nothing wrong in insisting that immigrants serve American interests, not vice versa.
  5. Citizenship is precious, and carries with it serious obligations.
  6. Border security is well within our grasp, and is a precondition for the success of any other immigration changes.

Read the article… spread the word. Our President cares nothing about what the public thinks. Most of our government leaders are lost. Unfortunately the vast majority of the public is clueless, which is the reason we are in this mess to begin with.

Secure the border FIRST. Then deal with our visitors as humanely as possible.


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