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Thank You Mr. President, You Have Saved Conservatism.

Posted by cann0nba11 on June 28, 2007

Yes, I’m serious.

George Bush has given Conservatives all over the country a much needed kick in the pants. “See ya at the bill signing” was about as powerful a statement as the ‘Bullhorn Moment’ on September 12th. These six words were the last straw on the back of the we-voted-for-you-and-we’re-sticking-with-you camel. The arrogance, the swagger, the cojones. You should expect these to be associated with the great state of Texas, but not in a statement said in defiance of most Texans as well as the rest of this great country.

Screw the little people, those loud talkers whipped up by evil Conservative talk radio hosts. We The Elected is what Bush implied. By ignoring 80% of the electorate President Bush sealed his fate as one of the worst presidents ever. His passion for all things Mexican has blinded him from the reality of closing hospitals, drastically overburdened social services and falling wages. Granted, there’s not much that is better than a nice cheese enchilada plate with some crispy tortilla chips and fresh salsa, but I think we can all agree that national security is a tad higher on the presidential to-do list.

To use a common Alan Colmes phrase, “How dare you. How DARE you.” The role of the president is to lead the nation, not ignore it. President Bush glossed over the will of the people and wrongly assumed that his good ‘ol boy network would step in and save him. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, talk radio and news programs aired the statement and a sleeping giant was jolted from its slumber. Conservative Americans everywhere realized that they had to do something to counter the wanton condescension seeping outside the beltway like the smell of rotten eggs. Email boxes were flooded, faxes were blasted and phone calls were made. Thousands of them. We The People even crashed the White House switchboard! For about two weeks We The People wrestled control away from our homegrown Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro (Harry Reid and Ted Kennedy respectively) and scolded them. We pimp slapped them. We rubbed their noses in the fecal mess known as the Immigration Reform Bill of 2007. And the bill died.

Afterwards Harry Reid had the cojones to say that many friendships were formed during the process. I think he’s 100% correct, sort of. There were no new friendships forged in the Senate. These new friendships formed among the masses that shook off the fog of political numbness, rounded up their friends and used technology to slay a very old, very out of touch dragon. As Glenn Beck said after the bill died, Conservatives don’t just listen to talk radio… Conservatives get involved.

I haven’t heard the president’s response to the death of his favorite bill, I’m sure it will include phrases like “hard work” and “I’m disappointed.” Well Mr. President, it has been hard work trying to stand by you for the past 6 years and the vast majority of your previous supporters are certainly disappointed. But look at it this way… you have 18 months before you leave the White House. Maybe a good ‘ol conflict with Iran will help the public forget about how little you apparently care about them.


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