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Notes from the ‘Free the Border Guards” Rally on June 30

Posted by cann0nba11 on July 1, 2007

I attended a pro-Border Guard / anti-Johnny Sutton rally this weekend. It received some news coverage and I even made one of the videos. About 200 people showed up, plus another 10 from La Raza. More on them in a minute.

For those not in the know, here’s the Readers Digest version: Two border agents in El Paso caught a drug smuggler with about 750 pounds of marijuana in his vehicle. He fled, agents chased him. He got caught, there was a small scuffle, he ran away. As he ran through a gulley near the border the agents say he turned toward them while running and appeared to point a gun at them. They fired 11 shots, he fled into Mexico. A few days later the smugglers mother called the Mexican government to complain that her son got shot in the ass by border agents. The government called the US government and a law suit was filed. It went to trial by jury, the smuggle won. The guards were charged with a bunch of stuff, the main violation was failure to file the proper paperwork and a supposed coveup by removing the spent cartridges and not reporting the shooting. For this they received 11 year sentences. They are in prison now… solitary confinement thanks to violence during their first week in the prison population. Johnny Sutton is the US District Attorney that prosecuted them. He is a long-time buddy of George Bush, many think that Bush is behind this prosecution to save face with Mexico. Bush could pardon them but he refuses to do so. Meanwhile, the drug smuggler has returned to the US with drugs again, but was not arrested. Oh yeah… in exchange for his testimony against the two border agents the smuggler received a US drivers license and Social Security Number. One more thing… he is now suing the US Government for $5 Million dollars. Why? I still haven’t figured it out… maybe that was the street value of the drugs that he lost when this all took place.

OK so it wasn’t really the Readers Digest version, but you get the point. An ILLEGAL DRUG SMUGGLER won a lawsuit against our Border Agents. The word of the drug smuggler was given more credence than that of two US Border Agents and their superior officers.

People from El Paso, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Louisiana attended the event, as did the father of one of the imprisoned guards, the wife of another, and Gary Brugman, a former agent that served two years for kicking an illegal in the shoulder to keep him on the ground during an altercation. He told his story, it was shocking. Evidence was manufactured, witnessed were persuaded and lied, and a single shove of the foot to an illegals’ shoulder (no injury, no medical attention) resulted in TWO YEARS of Brugman’s life being taken away.

Across the street from the rally were about ten people from La Raza. They were like mosquitos… an annoying buzzing in our ears. Their main gripe was that they want the Minute Men to go home. They want equal justice for all, especially for those that break the law to get here. Then, when you get them riled up (which I did) their true intent comes out: They want Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California back. They want Aztlan. If you bring up the concept of LEGAL immigration they say that whites are the true invaders. If you bring up the fact that our rally is to support two Mexican agents, they say that they are sellouts, that they are not real Mexicans. In other words, at the surface they try to come off as a human rights group, but when you come down to the brass tacks they are a racist organization that wants to rid the region of anyone other than Mexicans. Like I said, there were about ten of them and 200 of us so they didn’t have much say during the event. And, one of them managed to get arrested for hitting one of our guys. Their most popular chant was “Go home!” Um, we ARE home you stupid idiots.

The rally was a great success. Despite suffering rain for an entire week in San Antonio, the clouds parted at 9:30am and we had great weather for the event. People young and old were there, and there were lots of Mexicans that supported our cause. In fact, the father of one of the imprisoned agents discussed how much he was annoyed by those mosquitos across the street and their hatred and racism. He has lived in El Paso for 65 years and has seen first hand the damage caused by illegal immigrants, drug cartels, etc.

One thing that has frustrated me about the rally is that press coverage has been minimal and slanted. For example, the San Antonio Express news created a video that gave equal time to both sides of the issue, but failed to show the 200:10 ratio of attendees. They also chose to show more aggressive video of the pro-Agent side and a calm speaking representative on the La Raza side. Another thing that is driving me nuts about this whole immigration issue in general is that the vast majority of America, including many of my friends, coworkers and family, are basically ignorant about the issue. Our country has been invaded by 15 million illegals who have significantly and negatively impacted our economy and nobody seems to give a shit. My main hope is that this issue will not be forgotten in 18 months when the election arrives.

Thanks to everyone that made it to the rally, and thanks to anyone reading this.

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