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Voyeurism Is Good.

Posted by cann0nba11 on July 2, 2007

The Brits have captured half a dozen suspects in the recent attempted terrorist events in the UK. The did this because London has over four million cameras throughout the city. Given that the past two or three terrorist events in London have resulted in the capture of the terrorists, you would think that Americans would want an increase in cameras in or own country. Well, judging from the comments I’ve been hearing lately from peers, friends, and coworkers, most folks don’t want to see more cameras. Most folks don’t trust the government to control these cameras.

<insert redneck accent> I don’t want no damned cameras everywhere. I don’t want Big Brother peeking into my bedroom.<end redneck>

Frankly, I’m shocked. We can put a man on the moon, we can create a global network that provides instantaneous access to information, yet for some reason people are scared of surveillance cameras in America. To these people I ask: How the hell can the government cause you harm if armed with access to millions of cameras? In a society where we regularly give strangers our credit cards (you paid for lunch with your Visa, right?) how can you possibly be concerned? I’m begging for an answer, what damage can be caused by increasing surveillance?

Nobody is suggesting we put a web cam in every toilet stall or that we install cameras at every entrance to your house. What if cameras were installed so that major streets and intersections could be viewed, shopping malls, airports, and even schools? Think about it… nobody seems to complain about cameras canvassing every square foot of the local Wal-Mart or the local bank. If we don’t mind proprietors protecting their investments in these situations, why the hell can’t we protect our own investments? Investments such as our citizens and our businesses.

How much sooner could we have captured the DC Sniper, or Tim McVeigh, or any of the various child kidnappers we hear about every week? How many unsolved carjackings, muggings, robberies, rapes and murders could become solved?

Again I ask: What harm can the government do with access to millions of cameras? Does anyone really think that if our government had such a monitoring system that they would spend it trying to find videos of John Q. Public in embarrassing situations? Hell no. The system would be a reactive system capable of finding detailed, useful forensic information to solve crimes. To think that Big Brother would be looking over your shoulder every waking second of your life is justification for more tinfoil for your hat.

Wait… is that a black helicopter outside your window?


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