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Romney Articulately Defends Himself. How Refreshing!

Posted by cann0nba11 on August 4, 2007

For six years we have been forced to listen to the embarrassing linguistics and limited intellect of President Bush. While you can’t question his patriotism, passion or faith you must admit that the man is not meant to be listened to. He’s certainly not an orator, nor is he skilled at debate. Mitt Romney is both of these and more.

Romney went on a radio talk show yesterday in Iowa. While the interview started out in a normal fashion it quickly turned into a discussion about Mormonism. A web cam captured the whole thing including the very informative and powerful off-air discussions. I haven’t read any blogs about this yet so the following comments are my own.

First, check out the video starting around the ten minute mark:

In my humble opinion Romney handled himself fantastically. He made it very clear that he is able to separate church and state. He backed up his opinions consistently and articulately. He held his ground despite multiple attempts by the host to cut his answers short (a pet peeve of mine… if you ask someone a question you should let them complete their answer without interrupting them and changing the topic).

I’ve supported Romney for several months already, but I was beginning to lose interest while waiting to hear more from Fred Thompson. However, this video clip has given new life to my support for Romney and I look forward to shredding the emotional rantings that will surely be posted by lefty bloggers. Here are my predictions:

  • Lefty bloggers will criticize Romney as being too slick, too clean, too George Hamilton. Is this bad? Bill Clinton was stunningly effective during the town hall debates and he earned the name Slick Willy. I don’t think “slick” is a bad term.
  • The left will continue to freak out over the concept of a Mormon in the White House. While making it very clear that he can separate church doctrine from legislation and law, Romney will continue to feel the wrath of the anti-religious left that can’t stand anything having to do with the church.
  • Romney opponents will try to apply the terms “waffle” or “flip-flop” despite the fact that Romney’s voting record is clear and consistent.

Way to go Mr. Romney.


2 Responses to “Romney Articulately Defends Himself. How Refreshing!”

  1. joshuasharp said

    You’ve written an excellent post, too! I was particularly interested with your Romney/Thompson considerations, but like you I am undeniably attracted to Romney’s candidacy.

    I’ll probably be working with either Romney’s or Thompson’s campaign next summer. In the meantime, I look forward to following your blog!


  2. Denny said

    I agree with you. Whenever I think about another candidate for the presidency, I come back to Mitt because he is the best person for the job, period.

    Romney has the experience, ability, drive, intellect, intelligence and ideas that make him the most qualified to lead our nation at this most critical time in our history.

    No other candidate for the presidency has all the qualities that he has. Plus, he has a great family and great looks to boot.

    Go Mitt Go!

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