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Banning words is F***ing Bull**** !

Posted by cann0nba11 on August 7, 2007

So I’m watching television tonight and I hear that a politician in New York is trying to ban the word bitch. What? The concept of banning words is one of the dumbest things I’ve heard since local politicians tried to make ‘ebonics’ a legitimate and acknowledged dialect about ten years ago.

Don Imus lost his job because he described a few female college athletes in a manner that apparently only black people are allowed to. I supposed nappy-headed and ho are terms of affection and endearment among peeps in the hood. Ann Coulter was lynched by the liberal media for daring to use the word fag when commenting about a presidential candidate. A white assistant was chastised by his black boss and eventually resigned for using the term niggardly and a North Carolina fourth grade teacher had to attend sensitivity training for including the word in a vocabulary list. FYI, the word means stingy or meager.

How far will this go? How far will we let it go? Is common sense deader than a doornail, or is it just in a coma? Free speech is free. There are countless lawsuits that test the concept, but the main point is that speech is protected no matter how offensive it is. Whether someone burns the flag, soaks a crucifix in urine, pisses on the Koran or uses the word nigger, free speech is an inalienable right guaranteed to us by our founding forefathers. All of the aforementioned actions are offensive, yet they are all allowed. You have the right to free speech, you do not have the right to avoid being offended.

In other words… shut the fuck up and grow a pair (balls or ovaries, it’s your call).

I think Michael Moore’s anti-American rhetoric and deceptive movie editing methods are offensive. I think Media Matters is a cesspool of politically blind and uneducated dolts. I think members of the Westboro Baptist Church are clueless, bigoted racists and should be killed before they reproduce. Even Muslim extremists can say what they want in our country. Unlike where they come from, they all are allowed to speak their mind without worry of prosecution, persecution or death. This is one of the things that makes America great.

Trying to ban a word is like trying to legislate taste. I’m sorry sir, that tie does not go with that shirt. Here’s your citation. I’m sorry son, those pants are far too baggy. You’re under arrest. Ma’am, you are not fit enough to be showing your midriff in public. Step away from the ice cream and get into my squad car.

How long before we decide that other words are offensive? I think we have a potential candidate for the next word that gets public attention: Mexican. With all of the angst over our lack of a secure border and the increase in visitors from the south the term is becoming a sore spot. Think I’m crazy? Black has been all but banned from the English language and has been replaced with the stupid term African-American. Not all people with dark skin are from Africa. And shouldn’t the NAACP be renamed the NAAAAP? But, I digress.

Non-colored, non-ethnic, generic off-label people, a.k.a. whitey, is afraid to say anything that might be interpreted as offensive or could end up causing a lawsuit. Wait, did I say whitey? That might be offensive to Caucasians. Actually, I’m offended by the term Caucasian. I’m not from the Caucus mountains, why should I be called something I’m not? Are you trying to deny the promotion and pride of my own European heritage? Are you in effect banning me from calling myself a European-American? Why isn’t the term on job applications and census documents? Oh my god… the term must have been banned!

See how stupid it sounds? Banning words is stupid.


One Response to “Banning words is F***ing Bull**** !”

  1. poot said

    A M E N B R O T H A !!!
    Uh, sorry about that ….can’t call ya that cause you ain’t black… uh… so sorry …that’s Africkin’ American …I mean African Americano… uh, I mean Hispanic… or is it Latino. Aw hell, I just need an iced decaf Americano with heavy cream and a shot of cinnamon!!!


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