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American Complacency: Death Will Unite Us… Unfortunately.

Posted by cann0nba11 on August 9, 2007

I just read an article by Stu Bykofsky at the Philadelphia News. The title: “To save America, we need another 9/11.”

Abrasive? C’mon… Stu is in friggin’ Philly.

Shocking? Perhaps.

Accurate? Damned straight.

Stu hit it out of the park, he hit the nail on the head, he <insert accuracy metaphor here>. I’ve been thinking the same thing for a couple of years. Americans these days are more concerned about the demise of a falling pop star or whether to choose Manning or Brady in their fantasy football draft than they are about whether or not Wall Street or the Pentagon get nuked.

Hell0? McFly? We are in the middle of a war!

While some politicians and energetic patriots (us loud talkers) are trying to secure our borders other Americans are getting their panties in a wad and are calling the efforts bigoted or racist. (Never mind the fact that 25% of those crossing our borders illegally are not even Latino.) While some are working to get our troops the equipment they need to fight and survive, others are forcing them to fight under ridiculous rules of engagement.

Political correctness. Catering to Islam. Arrogance. Conceit. Complacency. They are turning us into a sweet target… a fat, plump tomato at the peak of its ripeness. The longer the bad guys wait, the less we will care. Then it will happen. Maybe this time it will be a syncronized multi-city attack on our elementary schools. Maybe it will be a poisoned water supply in the heart of America. Maybe it will be the destruction of a nuclear reactor near a big city. I can think of dozens of ways to wreak havoc. But whatever they do, it will be effective, chaotic, and sadly, unexpected.

What happens next is easy to predict. Flags will get dusted off and propped up on cars and trucks. Politicians will call for togetherness while trying to avoid looking like opportunists. Passionate conservatives will gather up their ammunition and vow to secure their families and possessions. Passionate liberals will call for dialog and understanding. Some on the left will say that we deserve what we get, that we are the cause of the strife in the world. Some on the right will scream for a nuclear response. And a whole bunch of us will say “told you so.”

One thing is certain. When the next attack happens (and some think it will happen before the end of this year) there will be a significant rise in vigilantism and a serious increase in anti-Muslim sentiments. Local mosques will be destroyed; innocent Muslims will be killed by angry Americans frustrated that our leaders have been so incredibily ineffective for the past six years.

But for now we have to live with the stupidity of restrictions on liquid carry-on containers at airports and the need to remove our shoes before walking through a metal detector. We will have to live with the fact that we can’t offend Muslims by profiling. We will have to live with a wave of self-centered Latino pride that refuses to become American yet demands the rights of Americans. While Britain continues to capture terrorist thugs we will have to endure the mindless rantings of paranoid tinfoil hat wearers that refuse to even consider the benefits of increased video surveillance in our cities. No, no, no, we can’t piss off the ACLU or CAIR.

In other words, we will continue to live with our asses exposed to the world for anyone that hates us to kick us right where it counts. And I guess we will deserve it, but not because of our political views. We will deserve what we get because as a whole we are too damned worried about who Brittney is kissing or how much Lindsey Lohan had to drink. We are drunk on vapidity, and the only way to sober up is a nice warm cup of death at home.


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