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Chingo Bling: The Next Big Thing in Immigration Reform

Posted by cann0nba11 on August 14, 2007

If you haven’t heard yet, Chingo Bling’s debut latino-rap album is out this week. The title is perfectly designed to raise eyebrows and sales numbers: “They Can’t Deport Us All.” I’m confident that illegals everywhere will latch on to this musically vapid production just because of the fun it pokes at whitey. The press will ignore it while the urban channels will ram it down the throats of our youth.

What message is it? The sad story of poor Pedro and his constant struggle to evade the law. He’s just a man looking for a better life in America and he can only find cheap day laboring jobs. The Man is busy oppressing minorities, Pedro is just trying to get by.

Screw Pedro. He’s here illegally.

Liberals and uneducated minorities often have problems distinguishing between reality and accountability. The mainstream media latches on to suffering border crossers like NPR on an African starvation victim. Democrats are notorious for ignoring the word illegal during any discussion of the border and immigration. So for the hundreds of illegals and liberals that are surely reading my blog, let me help you understand exactly what the majority of Americans have been saying.

  1. Conservatives, patriots, many Republicans and the majority of Americans are frustrated with the problem of illegal immigration. Illegal. IL… LEGAL. If you come here illegally, you are a criminal. Virtually all of those demanding that we get control of our border are pro-Immigration, anti-ILLEGAL. Yet the left somehow avoids talking about this perspective. The depict us as racist hatemongerers.
  2. America is a country of laws. If you enter our country by breaking our laws, why should you be trusted not to break other laws? If Americans break laws they suffer specific consequences. Why should illegals be granted immunity to the laws of our country?
  3. Being in America is not a right, it is a privilege. Sure, it may suck where you live, but that doesn’t give you permission to come into our country and consume more than you provide. (numerous sources have proven that illegals hurt America financially… try Google if you don’t believe me, or look at my recent post on the issue)

America was founded by immigrants. We are all immigrants here. My family came here from Canada. My wife’s family came from Germany. They all entered the country legally. They all came here to become American. Immigration is one of the reasons America is great.

The message promoted by Chingo and his ilk is a slap in the face to the millions of Americans that came here through the proper channels. But the rap community will love his ‘music’ and he will probably make millions. The youth of America will latch on, especially the Latino population looking for someone to sing their song of oppression and suffering. Never mind the fact that illegals are often accorded rights and privileges that Americans can’t even take advantage of. They are not oppressed… they are welcomed. And those of us that complain about it are the bad guys. God bless America.


2 Responses to “Chingo Bling: The Next Big Thing in Immigration Reform”

  1. Brad said

    I would love to know what rights illegal immigrants are “often accorded that Americans can’t even take advantage of”.

    If you would like to discuss this issue further (it is one that is very important to me personally), I would love to continue it here or through email or something. Let me know, I’ll be checking back… You’re in my RSS reader now!

  2. cann0nba11 said

    Hi Brad, thanks for reading

    Some rights that illegals are accorded:
    1) Sanctuary cities welcome illegal immigrants and fail to prosecute them. If I were to visit Mexico illegally I would be arrested and jailed.

    2) Receiving health care in US hospitals without insurance or citizenship is a benefit i don;t get. I have to pay for health care. I also end up paying for freeloaders.

    3) Free education. By living in the US illegally and sending children to our public schools, they are receiving a free education. By owning a home I pay about $500 in property taxes that are directly directed to public education.

    4) The Dream Act proposes to give illegals in-state tuition at universities. As an American citizen I DO NOT qualify for this.

    5) If an illegal alien acquires a stolen social security number they are committing a crime without punishment. If they submit a tax return with that number they commit another crime. Fraudulent tax returns are a federal offense.

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