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Illegal Alien Murders and Spiderman

Posted by cann0nba11 on August 16, 2007

You’ve surely seen the movie Spiderman. A pivotal point is Spidey’s life happens when young Peter Parker lets a thief escape after robbing a wrestling promoter. This same robber later murders Peters uncle, whom he was living with. The rest of his life is shrouded in guilt; “if only I had stopped that thug, Uncle Ben would still be alive.”

If the criminal had been stopped, a life would have been spared.

Back to reality: Geraldo is race baiting again by claiming that the triple murder committed by Jose Carranza, an illegal alien in New Jersey, should not be receiving so much attention. He points out that 60 homicides occurred across the river in New York but none of them are getting any airplay. His point: to single out this particular crime is racist.

Geraldo has completely lost his grasp on reality. He has become as relevant as OJ Simpson. YES, murders take place all of the time. YES, they are all tragic. But this triple murder is just one of many murders that should not have happened. The murderer should not have been in America in the first place. He entered the country illegally (strike one). He had a lengthy criminal record (strike two). And he killed three people (strike three).

Had authorities contacted federal immigration officials after Carranza’s first felony indictment last year he would have been deported. Instead Carranza was released on bail, despite being charged with raping a 5-year-old girl, aggravated assault and weapons violations. Apparently these authorities draw the line at murder and they finally exerted the Herculean effort required to pick up the phone and called federal immigration officials. Talk about too little, too late.

Let’s rub some more salt into this wound. Newark is an official illegal immigrant “Sanctuary City.” This means that police can’t ask a suspect about his immigration status. In other words, police can’t use their instincts, or common sense for that matter, to deal with illegal aliens. By ignoring the law, the leaders of these cities (Newark, Detroit, New Haven, San Francisco, Seattle and Houston) are aiding and abetting known criminals. (click here for just one sample of a sanctuary city tragedy).

People have sued for far less and won their cases. Why haven’t the families of illegal alien murder victims sued these judges and/or mayors? Because US Citizens cannot sue the government. (side note: illegal aliens can sue governments apparently. This recently happened in Pennsylvania after a mayor made it illegal to rent to known illegals; he was sued and lost. None of the illegals were mentioned by name or had to appear in court. How convenient.)

  • Bartenders have been sued for liability in alcohol-related deaths.
  • McDonalds has been sued for making kids fat.
  • Why the hell can’t families sue negligent judges and law-breaking city leaders?

Our police forces are underpaid and overworked. They have enough trouble trying to keep up the criminals that we raise on our own in America. Why is it so hard to understand that a secure border and an honest attempt at enforcing current immigration laws will save lives?

  • In 2006, twelve Americans are murdered every day by illegal aliens (4,380 in 2006). (source)
  • Thirteen Americans were killed every day by drunk illegal alien drivers (4,745 in 2006) (source)
  • Eight American children were victims of sexual abuse by illegal aliens every day (2,920 in 2006) (source)
  • There are about 240,000 illegal immigrant sex offenders in the United States who have had an average of four victims each. (source)

Maybe Geraldo doesn’t think that we are being fair to Mr. Carranza. Maybe he shouldn’t be singled out because he is here illegally. I wonder what Geraldo would say to the families of the 9,125 people killed in 2006 by illegal immigrants? What about the nearly one million victims of sex crimes perpetrated by illegal aliens? And please remember that this isn’t anti-Latino article. Approximately 25% of all illegal visitors are not from Mexico, Central or South America. Only 50% are from Mexico.

This passionate issue is about crime, not race.

This is about security, not separatism.

Our citizens deserve better than this. Until we get serious about border security and we start enforcing the immigration laws already on the books (including any one of the nine guest worker programs that exist) thousands of Americans will be killed or victimized by people that should not be here to begin with. Not even Spiderman can save us from this problem.


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