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My homeschooled kid has more social skills than most adults.

Posted by cann0nba11 on September 5, 2007

We home school our kids and it has been a wonderful change to our lives. When the topic comes up with friends, coworkers and relatives the first thing that most people say is “That’s nice, but be careful. You need to make sure your kids get properly socialized.” For some reason non-home schoolers think all home schooled students act like the freak spelling bee girl to the right. As a product of the Connecticut public school system I am quite aware that there are plenty of anti-social kids out there that get that way without the excuse of home schooling.

Take a look at this excellent article on the myth of socialization. We are starting our second year of home schooling I’ve had plenty of opportunities to witness my children’s stellar behavior and impressive manners. It is wonderful to come home and hear that my wife was approached by a stranger at a store or restaurant to tell her how well-behaved and courteous my kids were. I love when I go to a playground or event and see my kids behaving while other kids are causing problems. I’m not talking about being anti-social, I’m talking about being polite and respectful of others. While Ritalin-filled Johnny is jumping off of tables at a restaurant, while hyper Sally is beating up on a smaller kid, my kids are finding friends, playing games and having fun.

Think about it this way. What socialization skills does a child get when stuck in a classroom of 20+ students where the majority of students have to sit and wait while the teacher deals with the class trouble student? What happens to the student that is bored because the work is not challenging but is not allowed to talk in class while other slower kids struggle to keep up? Playgrounds have more and more restrictions and teachers are allowed to do less and less in their rooms. Schools are not the best place to gather social skills. In fact, we had to unteach behavior that our daughter picked up during her year in public school. Things picked up on the bus or on the playground these days are quite different than what we dealt with as kids twenty or thirty years ago. I had to send a neighbor’s child home because this kindergartner was asking other playmates “do you want to have sex with me?” Yeah… great social skills.

Time will ultimately tell but I am completely confident in the results that my wife will be able to generate based on her teaching background and the intelligence of our children. Great parents make great kids, I think we’ve got nothing to worry about.


One Response to “My homeschooled kid has more social skills than most adults.”

  1. Crystal said

    Great Post! “Great parents make great kids, I think we’ve got nothing to worry about.”
    I don’t think you do either! ::wink::

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