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Why don’t entertainers just entertain anymore?

Posted by cann0nba11 on October 3, 2007

Iranian leader/whackjob Mahoud Ahmadinejad (a.k.a. “My Mood, I Wanna Jihad”) spoke today at formerly prestigious Columbia University in New York. The fact that he was granted an audience in the first place is insulting enough, but to hear some of his American supporters sound off is even more disgusting. For example, Dilbert creator Scott Adams had this to say:

Ahmadinejad also called the holocaust a “myth.” Fuck him! A myth is something a society uses to frame their understanding of their world, andact accordingly. It’s not as if the world created a whole new country because of holocaust guilt and gives it a free pass no matter what it does. That’s Iranian crazy talk. Ahmadinejad can blow me.

Holocaust guilt? Um… could that be considered just a little bit anti-semitic? Does the fact that Israel kicked some Palestinian ass in 1967 ring a bell? Does the fact that none of the other Middle Eastern countries offered Palestinians refuge mean anything? Sure, Israel gets a free pass. They get hundreds of them lobbed across their border all of the time. Scott Adams is on crack, or he’s full of himself, or he’s become isolated like John Travolta in that “Boy in a Plastic Bubble” movie from the 70s. He’s entirely out of touch, and I’ve canceled my Dilbert subscription because of his comments. And I really like Dilbert.

I used to enjoy going to movies. I really liked George Clooney. The same for Tom Cruise and a few others out there. But then they had to go off and spout their opinions about how America is the bad guy and the poor suffering Sh’ria following Muslims are the victims. Fuck them. Fuck the Koran, and fuck Hollywood. Except for a couple of movies for my kids I haven’t offered theaters any of my money since 9/11. Hollywood is the Land of the Lost.

The same could be said for most of the music industry. Lots of liberal jazz musicians in New York think Bush is Satan. Plenty of rockers and rappers think that Conservatives are a bunch of fanatical Bible thumpers that want to convert everyone to Christianity or kill them if they don’t. Ironically, the Muslims these wackos support are the ones that kill non-believers. Yet they think America is the bad guy.

Fuck them. Fuck Hollywood and fuck these liberal ass hats.


3 Responses to “Why don’t entertainers just entertain anymore?”

  1. Brad said

    Would you be alright with Muslims characterizing all of Christianity by the nuts that bomb abortion clinics and the OK City building?

    If 1% of Muslims were terrorists that would be 14,000,000 people and I have yet to see any evidence that there are anywhere near that many terrorists, however you define the word.

    Why do you characterize a religion of 1,400,000,000 people by the actions of a fraction of a percent of them?

    You have some interesting opinions, its a shame you don’t back up a single thing you say with sources or give people any reason to take you seriously (at least in this post).

  2. cann0nba11 said

    My essay is not a slam of Islam, it is a slam of radical Islam. There is a HUGE difference. I also disagree with Sh-ria law and its 1300 year old outdated, sexist, racist, homophobic rules. Other religions have had an enlightenment; other religions have evolved. Why is Islam being hijacked by crazy radicals? Better yet, WHERE ARE THE MODERATE MUSLIMS? WHY are they not screaming from every rooftop in protest of the bastards that are hijacking true Islam?

    And, this particular post is in direct response to the Scott Adams post. Like his, it is full of shock statements and profanity. It was an exercise in a writing style inspired by Scott Adams article. Take a look at his work (it is linked in my original post). The rest of my entries here are nothing like this one as far as style goes.

    Thanks for taking the time to read and write back.

  3. Brad said

    How do you define hijacking their religion (nice pun by the way)?

    I assume you are a Christian and I would like to know if when OK City was bombed or every time an abortion clinic was bombed if you were protesting from your rooftop.

    My point is why should you have to do something because some nut with different beliefs and loosely the same religious affiliation is doing something you disagree with?

    You only hear about the radical Muslims, the ones that aren’t bombing dance clubs in Israel also aren’t making Fox News.

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