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Loss at any cost: Pelosi is a “selfish bitch”

Posted by cann0nba11 on October 15, 2007

This post is going to be a little different in tone than most of my family-friendly entries. I am ripping pissed off at Democrats and after you read this you will know why.

Liberals want to end this war at all costs, even if it means endangering more American lives. They can’t de-fund the war nor do they have the skills to negotiate a peaceful ending. In fact, nobody possesses those skills. We are fighting pure evil over there.

Yet Pelosi & Company want to pass a non-binding resolution that brings negative attention to possible the most important ally we have in the war on terror: Turkey. The House leadership does not seem to mind doing damage to our relations with the only democratic and secular Muslim state in the region at a crucial time. Although the intended measure is non-binding, and thus it avoids a presidential veto, that does not make it harmless or intelligent.

The proposed legislation is the Armenian Genocide Resolution (H.Res.316). It’s goal? “Calling upon the President to ensure that the foreign policy of the United States reflects appropriate understanding and sensitivity concerning issues related to human rights, ethnic cleansing, and genocide documented in the United States record relating to the Armenian Genocide, and for other purposes.” At least they are being honest…

Yes, Turkey did bad things to Armenians a long time ago. But I ask the House this: What purpose does this legislation serve? Why now? What will the impact of passing it truly be? Why, with the myriad of other important issues that Congress could be working on, are they trying to push through a resolution that will embarrass and alienate a key ally? Oh, that’s right. They are trying to screw the President at any cost.

WTurkeyell Speaker Mimi, your pal Barbara Boxer is fond of saying “elections have consequences.” Well, so do votes. This legislation is the consummate example of liberal failure to be accountable for one’s actions. They are so focused on attacking the president that they are willing to make it easier for our enemies to kill our troops. They are willing to create long term problems that affect all Americans for the short term gain of attacking the president. It’s the same mindset that Republicans displayed when attacking President Clinton. This time, instead of griping about the cover up of a blow job we are talking about the lives of thousands of our soldiers, and the overall stability of the Middle East. It is bad, it is unproductive, and it is very dangerous.


Look at the map above. Turkey is the big green blob to the left. Iraq is the big red blob below Turkey. To the north and south ofTurkey are the Black and Mediterranean Sea. This is where you usually find things like waves, fishies and big damned American military ships that could remove any country from the map if so inclined.

IncirlikNow, here is another map that shows how our military planes have to travel around the region. That little place below the name Turkey on the map is Incirlik, a place that we have an important air base in NATO’s Southern Region. To get supplies (such as improved armor) to our troops without access to Turkey we will have to rely on Syria and Iraq to let us use their airspace. Yeah, right. That’s really gonna happen.

Here is an excellent article on Turkey and the potential impact of this resolution. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has decided to bring to a vote a non-binding resolution declaring the events of 1915 in Eastern Anatolia a “genocide.” Despite its moralistic claims, this is a dangerous—indeed, in the present circumstances, a highly irresponsible—assault on U.S. national interests in Iraq and elsewhere. (source)

Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and now George W. Bush all opposed such attempts. The House leadership does not seem to mind doing damage to our relations with the only democratic and secular Muslim state in the region at a crucial time. Although the intended measure is non-binding, and thus it avoids a presidential veto, that does not make it harmless or intelligent. (source)

The administration is trying to kill this legislation before it is too late. President Abdullah Gul of Turkey is telling anyone that will listen that if this is passed it will ireversably change the relationship between Turkey and the US. Here is what the administration is saying:

  • “…this resolution is not the right response to these historic mass killings, and its passage would do great harm to relations with a key ally in NATO, and to the war on terror.”
  • “The passage of this resolution at this time would be very problematic for everything we are trying to do in the Middle East” Condoleesa Rice
  • Turkish president, Abdullah Gul, wrote to Bush to thank him for his efforts opposing the resolution and to draw “attention to the problems it would create in bilateral relations if it is accepted.”

Hello… Congress? Please think about this before you cast a vote. There are serious consequences to this bill. Do you really want to cause more troops to die?

Oh yeah… the “selfish bitch” thing? I’m just quoting Joy Behar and her immature comment about Michelle Malkin. Behar is a has-been comedian but seems to represent the ilk that is the liberal left. So, here’s a taste of your own medicine you clueless bitch.


3 Responses to “Loss at any cost: Pelosi is a “selfish bitch””

  1. Crystal said

    Great post!

  2. Brad said

    So bombing the shit out of a COUNTRY because of the actions of someone they didn’t elect is not harmful to creating peace in the middle east?

    Last I checked, Al Qaeda had basically no presence in Iraq until we started bombing it into the stone age with no justification.You know what else has hurt our objectives in the middle east?

    -Bombing a Sudanese pharmaceutical plant that supplied the country with 50% of its medications in 1998

    – Putting sanctions on Iraq because Saddam didn’t comply with the UN- Those 500,000 children that died in the first 5 years definitely deserved it. Clearly they are to blame for the actions of a dictator the US helped achieve and maintain power until it no longer served their interests.

    -I imagine supplying Iraq with chemical weapons and other munitions during the 8 year war with Iran probably didn’t make too many friends there.

    -Speaking of Iran, maybe overthrowing their first democratically elected president in 1953 leading to 26 brutal years under the Shah probably didn’t do much for relations with Iran either.

    …I could go on but I must say, looking back at 50+ years of Middle East foreign policy, you are RIGHT. The worst thing we did in regards to the Middle East, the thing that is endangering our troops and civilians is definitely a resolution about a historical injustice in the region. Killing millions, supporting dictators, supplying their enemies with weapons-> the terrorists don’t care about those things! Its the resolution the ineffective democratic leaders pushed that’s jeopardizing our image there! Brilliant.

    Are you aware of what you’re saying?

  3. cann0nba11 said

    Yes, I’m quite aware of what I’m saying. The timing of this resolution is reprehensible and will only make worse an already difficult situation.

    Brad, your comment is appreciated, but you are all over the place. Do you want the war to become even more difficult and deadly?

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