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Forget the elections… just listen to the press.

Posted by cann0nba11 on January 10, 2008


Listening to Laura Ingraham this morning nearly made my head explode. I love Laura, she’s one of the true champions of Conservatism out there. But during her segment with Major Garrett (who ripped Keith Olbermann for his renowned stupidity) both Laura and Major made the statement that Mitt Romney is done if he doesn’t win Michigan. Their confidence concerned me because it sounded just like the mainstream media boneheads that falsely predicted Hillary’s demise in New Hampshire.

In my humble opinion this race is still too early to call, and therefore it is far too early to eliminate any of the leaders in either party. There are two legitimate candidates on the Dem side and three legitimate candidates on the Rep side. If Romney doesn’t win Michigan, who dose? McCain? Huckabee? If either wins I don’t see this as a guarantee for victory or as a death knell for Romney. McCain and Huckabee are mega soft on the border, and the border is one of the top issues for most conservatives. And, the more light we shine on Huckabee the more flaws we see. McCain’s stance on the border will keep him out of the race in many states. It’s just too close to call.

I’m predicting it will be Romney versus Clinton in a very entertaining presidential campaign.


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