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Attention McCain Supporters!

Posted by cann0nba11 on February 3, 2008

It takes more than an honorable military record to lead a country. Yes, McCain is strong on the war on terror… but that’s all he’s got if you are a conservative. He is weak on the border (no matter what he is saying these days). He admits that he is weak on the economy and taxes. He has legislated against freedom of speech. The man considered switching to the Democratic party and was a serious VP candidate for John Kerry.

“But he has all of these endorsements…” you say. That’s because the media is pushing the most liberal “Republican” out there. If they push McCain they in effect get a Democratic nominee with an “R” next to his name. The New York Times slammed General Petraeus yet endorses John McCain. Figure it out.

Mitt Romney is a better choice if you are conservative. He understands finance and economics.  He has been a leader in both the political arena and the real world. McCain has not. And what happens if McCain wins the nomination and then the election? What happens after he takes care of the war in Iraq? Does he have us invade Iran? What does he do for us here in the states? We have the economy to deal with, border security, tax reform, health care, etc. He is not the right man to handle our complex domestic issues.

Think seriously about why you support McCain, and/or why you won’t vote for Romney. Ask yourself if you are voting for legitimate reasons, or if you are making a superficial choice that may actually hurt our country.

Please vote for Mitt Romney.


2 Responses to “Attention McCain Supporters!”

  1. farah said

    Scary McCain wants to invade Iran next.

  2. McCain is pro-life. He’s been great on spending-in other words he’s a small government guy. That’s the definition of a conservative, at least it’s one of the best. He favors free trade, tort reform, and school choice. I think you’d be hard-presed convincing anyone that Romney governed as a conservative in Massachusetts. he now talks like a conservative, but that’s about it.

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