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Presidents Obama and Romney

Posted by cann0nba11 on February 13, 2008

Unless we learn that Barack Obama is funding terrorists or that he’s got a secret lover somewhere, I think we will see him as the Democratic nominee. Meanwhile John McCain is the mathematical Republican nominee at this point. So, in a race between these two men I see Barack winning in a landslide. Political records aside, the two candidates are very, very different. Given that elections in America allow all adults to vote regardless of their intelligence or understanding of the issues, I think we (conservatives) are doomed. Given the size of our voting population and the things that make people pull the lever, all I can say is this: Beware the power of stupid people in large groups.

Age: People said that Reagan was old when he took office at the age of 70. McCain turns 72 this summer; Barack Obama is 46. Why does this matter? Because at some point during the campaign someone will bring up the fact that the presidency ages a person, and the effect is compounded when that person is already aged. Barack is a vibrant, relatively young and very energetic person.

Charisma: Obama has it. McCain doesn’t. Obama leads a crowd like a preacher, while McCain relies on often failing humor and the constant reminder that he was once a prisoner of war.

Hollywood: Obama has Oprah and most of Hollywood behind him. View any news site and you will see the pages littered with stories about Britney, Paris, Nicole or the train wreck tart of the week. View the list of most viewed stories at any news site and the topics are sex, murder, death and the bizarre. Most people just don’t care about the issues we face today. They vote based on pictures, sound bites and endorsements from people they are familiar with. McCain has the love of the Beltway boys and even many liberal institutions, but he lacks any sort of popular support from people that the mindless masses will recognize.

Ambiguity: McCain has been fairly specific in what he will do if elected. And, for better or worse, he has a lengthy legislative record. Obama hasn’t been in Congress long enough to accomplish much of anything, but he makes up for that by using words like “hope” and “change” to make his point. People love emotional speeches… who cares if they lack substance? C’mon… vote for Barack! He’s a great orator!

So, the bell curve distribution of intelligence will prevail and Obama will be elected despite having absolutely no subtance whatsoever other than being the most liberal senator in Congress. What can we expect under an Obama presidency?

  • Rapid withdrawl from Iraq followed by increased civil unrest and death in the region.
  • Hard left legislation including entitlements for illegal immigrants, increased AIDs funding and restrictions on America’s ability to drill for oil
  • Increased entitlement programs that you and I pay for (Medicare, Medicade, etc.).
  • A weaker border.
  • A foreign policy focused on making other countries like us better instead of respecting us for the leader we are.
  • Continued increases governmental spending for pork barrel projects, special interest groups, et al.
  • Overall: More government in our lives, not less.

In other words, if you are not a benefit receiving governmentally dependent low-income worker, you are screwed. But there is hope. The suffering will only last four years because Mitt Romney will be the Republican presidential nominee in 2011. Seeing McCain lose again will be enough to keep him out of office, nevermind the fact that he will be 76 by then. Unless a new conservative star is discovered I fully expect that Romney will enjoy vast conservative support after several years of priming the Republican pump. America will overcome. I have “hope” that we will experience “change” in the next few years. The pendulum that is currently swinging to the left will swing back hard to the right and in doing so will lop off the head of out of touch liberal mouthpieces like Pelosi and Reid.

Obama will serve a single term. I just hope that the damage and unrest he causes are reversable.


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