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The candidates on the issues

Posted by cann0nba11 on March 5, 2008

Candidate Positions

It’s often hard to truly determine where a candidate stands on an issue. It’s also hard to tell one candidate from the other at times. I’ve gathered data from and presented it in a format that is easy to read. Click on the image below to download my Excel spreadsheet. There are two tabs; one sorted by category, the other chronologically (most recent vote first). Each of the titles is a link to the legislation details.

Obama gets a lot of slack for voting “present” instead of yes or no, but both Clinton and McCain also have provided “No Vote” responses. Surprisingly (at least to me) is that McCain chose not to vote more than Obama. Presented with 241 chances to vote Obama cast 48 NVs, Clinton 36 and McCain 62.

To keep things fair my spreadsheet only shows votes for legislation proposed after Obama was elected(November 2004).


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