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My Bad Luck is Good for America.

Posted by cann0nba11 on March 12, 2008

I think that America is going to be just fine.

Most of my adulthood has been sprinkled with bad timing, and I think this luck applies to both the macro and micro in my life. It seems that my wife and I tend to miss out on stuff or experience bad things when you expect good. I’m not saying our life has been bad, because it hasn’t. We’ve just had peculiar luck.

  • The year my wife started teaching is the year that the merit-based career ladder and pay scales were eliminated from the Texas educational system.
  • The night that I proposed to my then girlfriend her car was broken into and the stereo was stolen.
  • The year that Governor Bush approved $2000 bonuses for Texas teachers is the year after my wife stopped teaching.
  • The weekend that we traveled to Cancun to celebrate our first pregnancy my father died the night we arrived.
  • The day I flew my wife to Heathrow Airport to visit me in London is the day that a terrorist plot was discovered to be taking place at that same airport.
  • The day after we closed on our new house the Fed dropped the rate by half a point.
  • The year that Congress approves $1200 to couples filing jointly is the year we don’t qualify for the tax rebate.

These are just a few examples, there are certainly more. From a more broad perspective, the generation that I happen to be a part of is probably the generation that will miss out on some really good times. The generation before mine is the generation that celebrated free love, blew off their student loans and enjoyed relative national security. My generation faced the chance of death for promiscuity, endures the highest levels of legal and financial scrutiny and is under terrorist threat. Sure, we have the Internet, hundreds of television channels and the iPhone, but we also have Nancy Pelosi.

The silver lining is that our children live in a world experiencing the beginning of the pendulum’s rightward return. Thanks to real time information delivery the radical views and legislation of the left are rapidly becoming exposed. The dangers that their shallow, restrictive and dangerous viewpoints create will not be tolerated by an increasingly aware and activist conservative public. So maybe my wife and I experience the occasional bad luck scenario, but so have most people out there. America will become an even greater nation and our children will reap these rewards.


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