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“niggers have got to go.”

Posted by cann0nba11 on March 20, 2008

Pretty abrasive title, huh? Just imagine if this comment was made by John McCain or Glenn Beck. Heads would roll. Protests would be launched. Someone would get fired. Al Sharpton would be on television again. Here’s the complete quote.

“There’s like a civil war going on in America and there’s two sides. There’s black people… and there’s niggers. And the niggers have got to go.”

I went to a black majority high school and lived on the black majority side of town growing up. I’m white but I’ve been the victim of blatant racism. Given my own personal life experiences I happen to agree with the quote in red. So do lots of black people. I think the word nigger is horribly offensive. But the double standard still alive today is even worse.

Now for some context:e Who actually said the quote in red? Take a look: source video here, it starts about twenty seconds into this video. Hear the laughter? Hear the applause? What a crazy world we live in.


4 Responses to ““niggers have got to go.””

  1. Tami said

    I wish I had your guts! Actually, we had a black housekeeper when I was growing up and I remember my mother saying that she said things similar to that contained in your quote. And I also remember a black co-worker saying something similar years ago. But such things can ONLY be said by black people themselves. You are treading on thin ice, my friend! 🙂

  2. cann0nba11 said

    Words only carry the power that we give them. The word ‘nigger’ is horrible. It is the worst word in the English language. Unfortunately current generations feel free to use it in comedy while screaming about it said by any other race. Newspapers won’t print it, talking heads won’t say it, and radio shows beep it out. A painful double-standard.

  3. R F said

    IMHO Al Sharpton is as big of a pain in the ass to the Democratic side as Ann Coulter is to the Republicans. Neither do anything positive for their party and I wouldn’t give you .02 for either one of them.

    Bitter, Angry Democrat who agrees with you about Rev. (not so) Sharpton.

  4. Bob G. said

    Only have one word that mirrors your sentiments:
    (and thank you)


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