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Make Laws Meaningful Again

Posted by cann0nba11 on March 31, 2008

Joe Pags had a moment of genius on his show this afternoon and I think it’s something that we should run with. When talking about people that want to shorten the sentences of illegal aliens he countered with this: “I think we should double the sentences for people here illegally.”

What a great idea.

Think about it. If illegals from all countries knew that they would be prosecuted and face double time for their offenses, they might actually think twice about coming here to do their dirty deeds. Criminals from Europe, Asia and south of the border know that they get a free ride if they make it across the border. Some get free healthcare, some illegally collect and receive a tax return, while others have the chance for discounted tuition that citizens aren’t even eligible for.

More and more often we are hearing news stories about illegal aliens killing citizens in drunk driving accidents.  Maybe they would call a cab if they knew that they were facing an even more serious penalty if here illegally. Maybe drug dealers would think twice about carrying loads across the border. Maybe I’m just dreaming.

There is already a precident. “Fines double when workers present” is a commonly seen sign on Texas highways. The law is not a racist one. It is an equal opportunity punishment. Now only if our nation would enforce the myriad laws onthe books today.


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