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Rush is Rich and Deserves Every Damned Penny

Posted by cann0nba11 on August 27, 2008

I love the sound of whining in the morning.

Rush Limbaugh has signed a deal that simply kicks ass. Eight years, $400 million. $50 million a year. I love it. Unlike sports contracts and the expected deliverable for the athlete, Rush actually provides America with mental stimulation and food for thought. He does this year round and his travel schedule and show prep rivals that of any athlete. I love that athletes can make huge money. I love that oil execs can do the same. Ditto for the Hollywood elite. But for some reason Liberals are screaming about this new contract.

Hello? McFly? Have you heard of something called supply and demand? Oh, that’s right. Air America failed miserably and therefore you are hoping that the ‘Fairness’ Doctrine will come in and suppress all conservative free speech on the radio to make up for the fact that Liberals don’t buy advertising time and don’t have any pull when it comes to radio. Liberals dominate print media, newspapers, television networks and all products from hollywood (movies, cartoons, tv series, etc.). good old fashioned radio is the lone delivery method for conservative thought and opinion. Yet the left can’t leave radio alone. In the name of ‘fairness’ they want to muzzle free speech. Newsflash, “ain’t gonna happen bitch. Deal with it.”

And before we go crazy over how much Rush will be making let’s properly frame this. Fourteen other media personalities made more than $50M over the 12-month period between July 2006/ June 2007 as listed at the Forbes Top 100 Power list.

  • Oprah Winfrey: Liberal powerhouse, arguably the most powerful woman in the world; makes $18M per year from XM alone. All in all she made about $260M last year. The other thirteen making more than $50M per year are as follows:
  • Jerry Bruckheimer: $120M – Action movie mogul (most recently the Pirates of the Caribbean series)
  • Steven Spielberg: $110M – Hollywood deity. ‘Nuff said.
  • Tiger Woods: $100M -Golf deity. ‘Nuff said.
  • Johnny Depp: $92M – Cute, damned good actor. Weird. More power to him.
  • Rolling Stones: $88M – Possibly the most over-rated band evah. No wait. They are #3 on my list.
  • Jay-Z: $83M – Not my cup of tea, but he has an audience. Capitalism is a wonderful thing.
  • Tom Hanks: $74 M – The greatest actor of our generation.
  • Madonna: $72 M – She jumped the shark long ago.
  • Howard Stern: $70M – He too has an audience. Too bad they are largely immature and capable of making Johnny Knoxville look sophisticated.
  • Brian Grazer/Ron Howard: $70 M – Insane profit from The Da Vinci Code. See, mocking religion can still earn you a decent living.
  • Bon Jovi: $67M – Talk about jumping the shark. They did that two decades ago. But, as long as you have demand you will always have supply.
  • Jerry Seinfeld: $60M – I’m not sure which aspect of hs genius is greater: His reality-based comedy or his business acumen and success thanks to syndication.
  • Elton John: $53M – Forget the sunglasses, his earlier hits are timeless. Much deeper than anything Bon Jovi, Jay-Z or Madonna every produced. And he actually plays an instrument.
  • Bonus Track: A list of the top paid athletes can be found here:

Congratulations Rush. Congratulations Conservative Talk Radio. Congratulations America.


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