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C’mon Democrats, get a real argument.

Posted by cann0nba11 on September 10, 2008

You know what? My patience is running thin these days. We’ve been hearing the Left whining for so many years about this and about that. Now that weve got an election coming up you’d figure that they would have some substantive arguments to present to the public in order to win votes. Well, I’m still waiting.

Who’s Redundant?
Since Sarah Palin has been announced a feeding frenzy of liberal psychobabble has been flooding the airwaves. One of the more recent complaints from the Left is that “Palin is saying the same thing, giving the same speech over and over again.” What? She’s been on the scene for less than two weeks and I think she’s given three or four speeches, that’s it. She hasn’t even had enough time to start sounding redundant. And,wWhat the hell do you expect her to say when she gives a speech? She’s going to tout her strengths and talk about changing Washington. What is ironic to me is that Barack Obama has been saying the same hollow phrases for about 18 months and the Left doesn’s seem to mind the repetition of “hope” and “change.” It is their mantra, their masochistic safeword. Obama is the king of recycled liberal talking points, a master of vapid liberal promises.

The thing that really has Obama’s undies in a wad is that his “change” mantra has been snatched away and he’s looking around wondering what the heck just happened. Change. Hope and Change. Those are my buzzwords Sarah! I’m supposed to be the popular person in this election. Well Barack, perhaps you should have thought about that when you picked a 35-year Washington insider as your running mate. Let me see… Biden, Palin. Palin, Biden. One has legistlated change and taken on her own party for the sake of her constituents. Another has legislated billions of dollars worth of pork over the past three decades. In fact, I think Sarah was 8 years old when Biden wrote his first pork-laden bill. There’s another hollow Obama reference for ya.

More Change?
Another tiresome Lib talking point is the “McCain voted with George Bush 90% of the time.” Really? What that tells me is that he voted against Bush and/or his party 10% of the time. You don’t hear the Left mentioning the fact that Obama voted with his party 97% of the time. Simple math tells us that he voted against his party only 3% of the time. Continue the simple math theme here and we can accurately state that John McCain has voted for change against his party more than three times more often than Obama has. Tell me again who is the change candidate?

So my Liberal friends, tell me why are you voting for Barack Obama again? Here’s a hint, “Anyone but Bush” is not an acceptable answer. In case you didn’t know this, George Bush is not running for re-election.


One Response to “C’mon Democrats, get a real argument.”

  1. gotea said

    Enjoy your blog. Gonna add ya to the roll. Thanks for the read

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