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Voting Based on Age, Race or Sex?

Posted by cann0nba11 on September 14, 2008

On CNN tonight Roland Martin was asking people on the street to “be honest” and tell him if McCain’s age, Obama’s skin color or Palin’s gender influenced their vote. While I think that there are people that vote based on shallow factors such as these, these same people vote based on commercials, bumper stickers and gossip heard during lunch. I wish we knew what percentage of voters actually know something about the candidates and issues. I bet it is less than 20% of the voting population.

McCain’s age should have nothing to do with his ability to be president. He has been through quite a bit already and he seems quite capable. And for crying out loud, have you seen how fit his 96-year old mother looks? I don’t think age is a problem with McCain. I’m voting for McCain because I think he is the better choice in this race. He’s not my ideal candidate, by Obama is the opposite of what I want in a president. Im voting for McCain based on the issues.

Palin’s gender also has nothing to do with my support for her, and I think that many men and women feel the same way. I like Palin a lot. Not only is she easy on the eyes (as is her husband says my wife), but she brings something that we’ve missed in politics for a very long time: she seems normal. Palin speaks like a normal person, not like a politician, lawyer, bureaucrat or snob. She represents middle America, a constituency that could use better representation in Washington. To vote for or against her based on the fact that she is a woman is ludicrous.

Obama’s skin color is not a reason to vote for or against him. For starters, he’s not black, or white, he’s an American. He is 50% black, 50% white, so claiming he’s black is simply incorrect. But the reason I’m not voting for Obama has nothing to do with his race and everything to do with his policy ideas. He is absolutely the most liberal candidate in this election, and possibly the most liberal candidate we’ve seen get this far in my lifetime. Why worry about race when there is so much else to dislike about him

So CNN, cut the crap about gender, race or age discrimination. Americans are generally smart enough to get around superficial talking points and make their decision based on the issues.

Then again, maybe not. We’ll know soon enough.


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