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Obama and Biden: Top Earmark Offenders

Posted by cann0nba11 on September 22, 2008

Check out this video that describes in plain detail how bad both Joe Biden and Barack Obama are with spending our money.

So, what exactly is an earmark? To earmark is to set something aside for a specific purpose. Politicians write earmarks into legislation to divert a specific amount of government funds (our tax dollars) toward specific projects that benefit certain organizations or individuals. For example, a Senator might receive a sizable campaign donation from a representative from a specific company, and then later that year that same company receives several million dollars of government funding for a specific project. Diverting tax payer dollars to specific people as a “thank you” for services rendered or yet to be rendered.

A non-partisan organization called Citizens Against Government Waste keeps track of this sort of activity. CAGW ranks Senators based on whether or not they voted against excess spending. The ratings for 2007 are now available and guess what? Obama is not the worst on the list; he is second worst. Joe Biden has the lowest rating and is tied with 12 other Senators. Obama voted the right way only 10% of the time in 2007 (he has a lifetime rating of 18%). Biden? He has a big fat goose egg: a 0% rating in 2007. Other goose eggs? Chris Dodd (Senate Banking Committee Chairman), Hillary Clinton, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

What kind of money are we talking about? In 2007 Obama requested about $740M in earmarks. McCain has requested $0. Meanwhile, Biden takes sliminess to a new level. He won’t even release his record on earmarks for the 36 years he has been in office. Yet Democrats clamor for transparency and accountability? The hypocrisy is mind-numbing.

At the other end of the spectrum John McCain has CAGW’s highest lifetime rating at 88%. McCain selected as his VP candidate a woman that has also fought against excessive spending. Senator Obama selected one of the worst offenders, yet still has the gall to claim that he is the candidate of change. Sadly, so many Obama supporters are blinded by his charisma that they can’t recognize facts. They can’t think rationally or analyze the issues. So many Obama supporters are so deranged by their hatred for President Bush that all they can see is the chance to vote for anyone but Bush. Whether or not they are voting for the good of America is irrelevant. They simply want change, and voting D instead of R is good enough for them.

If only Liberals could reign in their angst long enough to look at the actual facts. How anyone can vote for Obama with a clear conscience is beyond me.


One Response to “Obama and Biden: Top Earmark Offenders”

  1. KayDay said

    I’ll go you one better. Conservative and traditional media are ignoring a federal earmark Obama requested as follows:

    (Washington, D. C.)—Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) requested two earmarks totaling $2,750,000 for an organization founded by a former priest listed on the report, ‘Archdiocesan Priests with Substantiated Allegations of Sexual Misconduct with Minors.’ The report was issued by the Office of the Chancellor, Archdiocese of Chicago. Obama requested federal funding for AIDSCARE, Inc., described on Obama’s government website as “a non-profit, non-sectarian organization that provides housing and care for homeless children, families and adults living with advanced HIV/AIDS in the Chicago Area [sic].” AIDSCARE was founded by James V. Flosi. The Chicago Tribune described Flosi as, “a former Roman Catholic Priest…accused of molesting a minor…”

    I wrote about this at The US Report on Sept. 8 and sent the column to various media. Please note I confirmed all relevant facts, such as the priest being on the list. I talked to three individuals, including a victim of the priest, to confirm this. The victim received compensation. The report was studiously ignored, even by conservative media.

    There’s more in that tidy list of earmarks Obama lists on his official senate page, including a permanent grant for $1,025,000 to the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute–a veritable shrine to a Democrat that means nothing to me the taxpayer.

    Anyway, enjoyed your column and enjoyed the opp to rant a bit.

    best, Kay B. Day

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