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Harry Reid: Pure Politician

Posted by cann0nba11 on September 24, 2008

I hate Harry Reid. I think he is the true personification of every single thing that is wrong with politics in America. He is power hungry, he is a master of protocol and procedures, and he is willing to say whatever needs to be said at any time to make himself look good.

He doesn’t know what he wants. When asked last week about the current financial crisis he told us “nobody knows what to do.” That’s what I call leadership. Yesterday he called out John McCainand said“We need, now, the Republicans to start producing some votes for us. We need the Republican nominee for president to let us know where he stands and what we should do.” Then today Reid said “it would not be helpful at this time to have them come back during these negotiations and risk injecting presidential politics into this process or distract important talks about the future of our nation’s economy… We need leadership; not a campaign photo op.”

So which is it Harry? Do you want McCain to play or not? I honestly don’t think you give a crap about what McCain does or does not do or say. Your main goal is to publicly say whatever you can to drum up negatives for McCain. You, Mr. Reid, are a shameless, power-hungry bastard.


6 Responses to “Harry Reid: Pure Politician”

  1. Harry Reid? Really? Reid is the personification of whats wrong with politics? Have you been living underground for the last 7.5 years? Bush/Cheney anyone? If you really believe this I got a bridge in Alaska I’d like to sell you.

  2. cann0nba11 said

    Harry Reid uses his knowledge of procedures to keep topics unavailable for debate. The last time he adjourned a session he used some obscure procedural tactic that prevented the President from calling them back to do their jobs. He changes his opinions with the wind based on how best to harm his enemies. My example of his diametrically opposed statements about McCain and the bank crisis is just one of many examples of how he flops as needed to forward his own agenda.

  3. cann0nba11 said

    Did you read my article on the bank crisis? Harry Reid opposed legislation that would have prevented this crisis back in 1995. Reid said “we cannot pass legislation that could limit Americans from owning homes and potentially harm our economy in the process.” What the hell does Reid know about harming our economy? Just last week when asked about the current financial meltdown he said “we don’t know what to do.” That’s what I call leadership.

  4. YJjeepman said

    Knockout Ed…. If you really believe that everything wrong with America today is the sole fault of the Bush/Cheney Administration, then you are so pathetically out of touch with reality, it is scary. Reid is a traitor, a coward, a liar, an Anti-American middle class power hungry career politician with no spine and even less common sense. People of Nevada should be embarrassed and ashamed they elected this traitorous POS in the first place. He is standing in the way of progress in our country, and last time I looked, it is OUR country, not yours and his’ alone.

    So put down your kool-aid and get off the blame Bush bandwagon and realize that Bush is powerless without support and backing of House and Senate, so they take more blame than him, he is one man. You understand any of this princess???? Matter of fact, he and McCain are both on record as early as 2001 stating this mess was going to occur, but these asshats decided it would be better to get money FROM these orgs than regulate them for our security. Blame BUsh fop this too???? You’re a tool if you do. I’m sick of people who are still butthurt cuz Gore and Kerry didn’t get the election handed to them. GET OVER IT and GET OVER YOURSELF! Reid is incompetent and a mere mouthpiece and lapdog for Pelosi and the other dipshit liberal goons in D.C.

  5. YJjeepman said

    I absolutely despise everything about Harry Reid, he is a disgrace to this country and the office he holds and deserves nothing less than to be tarred and feathered and beat to death with a shoe!

  6. eah25 said

    This site is old but the point remains true. Reid is an unprincipled politician interested only in power and self-aggrandizement. You guys who waste your time fighting over this politician or that politician because they wrap themselves in different colors – you look very silly yelling at each other while our house burns down. Bush/Cheney/Reid have no daylight between them regarding their lack of principle or character. They are one and the same, just wrapping themselves in different colored coats.

    Here’s another example of Reid’s lack of principle. He fought the Yucca Mountain Project in Nevada saying that the Federal government should not override a state’s objection. Then he turned around the same week and said the country needs more transmission lines and introduces a bill to override state objections to transmission line siting. He’ll take nuclear waste that was destined for the Nuclear Test Site (hardly a green field) and force it on another state and green field location. He doesn’t care abour principle or leadership or solving national problems. He doesn’t care about people. He cares about power and himself. He would be a joke if he weren’t so powerful and able to inflict harm.

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