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People of America: What the hell are you thinking?

Posted by cann0nba11 on October 8, 2008

The debate last night was fairly boring, but from a pure debate perspective McCain won. My scorecard had McCain winning about five or six of the questions, the other 15 or so were a tie. However, he didn’t deliver a knockout blow which is what he needed. However, at this point I don’t know if there IS a knockout blow that anyone can deliver. We could discover video of Obama snorting coke off of a hooker’s ass while torturing kittens and his poll numbers would probably rise. Too much of America is drinking the cool-aid, and I think this particular drink is far worse than what Jim Jones served up decades ago. When in our history has a presidential candidate been associated with so many questionable people? When in our history has a presidential candidate been so far to the left of the political spectrum? So I ask Democrats and Liberals: WHY are you voting for Obama?

  • “I hate George Bush.” Well, Bush isn’t running. And before you say he’s the same as Bush let me tell you that you are dead wrong. Libs are fond of pointing out that McCain has voted with his party 90% of the time. Obama has done the same 97% of the time. Flip that over and you see a major difference. McCain has voted against his party 10% of the time, Obama 3%. This means that McCain has voted against his party more than three times as often as Obama. So how is Obama a change candidate?
  • “I want us out of the war.” Well, so does McCain. However, McCain wants us to leave with honor and victory. House Majority Leader Harry Reid has already declared the war as lost, which means somebody else has won. Who won? Iraq? Al Qaeda? America still has a military presence in Japan and Germany, but we aren’t at war with them. McCain does not want us at war for 100 years.
  • “Obama is so charming and different.” True, he’s charming and has a great smile. But he’s not different. He is a classic Chicago politician and has the relationships to prove it (see Rezko and Ayers). In an effort to add experience and foreign relations experience to his campaign he selected a 35-year Washington insider as his running mate. His pick has made several embarassing gaffes and statements since being selected, yet the press has given him a complete pass. If McCain said the things Biden said the Left would say he was senile. If Palin said them, the Left would say she is clueless. But Biden gets a pass.

So let’s assume that Obama gets elected. And lets remove the war from the discussion. Make believe that Obama brings all of our troops home and appeases all of the Cindy Sheehan psychos out there. What we are left with is the most liberal senator leading our country. It would be as painful as having Jerry Fallwell as the president. Obama is not a moderate, he is nothing close to the center of the spectrum. And, he will appoint people of a similar mindset to the most powerful positions in America including the Supreme Court. This is wrong.

So America, what the hell are you thinking? Respect the power of the vote and please do some research. If you want to read what the press isn’t saying about Obama, please check out the Investors Business Daily series on Barack Obama.


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