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Anyone else tired of hearing “…past eight years?”

Posted by cann0nba11 on October 10, 2008

“Failed policies of the past eight years…” is a phrase we’ve heard a lot lately. If you are an Obama supporter it is probably written on your bathroom mirror. It is such a strong undercurrent of the campaign that both Biden and Obama started their very first answers in their recent debates with this very phrase. Now, depending on what topic you are talking about you could be correct, the past eight years can be considered a failure. I think that with regard to government spending and border security the Bush administration has been a dismal failure. But our crashing economy is not due to Bush or his administration.

Team Obama has latched onto the term “deregulation” and liberals own control if it in political discussions. Yes, the housing crisis, the failure of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are the result of too little regulation and control. But this environment was created not by President Bush, but by government backed pressure applied by Fannie Mac with origins to the CRA of 1977. But even if you don’t consider the CRA and actions of groups like ACORN significant factors, and you must bitterly cling to the term “deregulation,”please remember that it was Bill Clinton, not George Bush, who signed massive deregulation legislation in 1999. Democrats will not face the music, they are not capable of admitting their mistakes. And please note that I voted for Clinto in both elections. I’m speaking factually, not emotionally.

It was Republicans that suggested iin 2003 and 2005 that Fannie Mac needed stronger oversight. It was Democrats that fought against such legislation., In fact, it was Democrats saying as recently as last year that lending caps for Freddie Mac should be raised (a.k.a. deregulated even more). Now, in the midts of a market nosedive and a completely failed $700B bailout, it is these very same Democrats, including Barack Obama, that are screaming and pointing fingers at George Bush and Republicans. I guess it is this sort of blatant denial of reality that makes you a successful politicians. The hypocrisy of Democrats is mind bolggling to me. Yet, much to my significant dismay, I am honestly afraid that the Obama marketing machine is too powerful. Their massive text messaging network and repetitious brainwashing of charisma drunk lemmings has reached epic proportions. I’m fond of the phrase “beware of the power of stupid people in large numbers.” This election could be the ultimate case study of that concept.


2 Responses to “Anyone else tired of hearing “…past eight years?””

  1. Bruce said

    For your consideration …

  2. Bruce said

    Oh crap – let’s try that again …

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