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Nine Questions for Barack-O

Posted by cann0nba11 on October 10, 2008

I was in a doctors office waiting room yesterday and they had CNN on. They were showing the hour-long special on race after a Florida sheriff committed the horrible act of saying “Barack Hussein Obama” while at a speaking engagement. Wow, what a racist. In the waiting room with me was an older black gentleman and t became obvious that he was an Obama supporter. We had a good discussion, he’s obviously brainwashed, but that’s not the point. He kept on referring to Obama as “Barack-O” (rhymes with Morroco). So I’m running with that today.

Here’s why I will never be invited to an Obama town hall: My questions for Barack-O.

  1. Given your average grades at Occidental College and no record of impressive LSAT scores, how did you get accepted into Harvard Law?
  2. You have been criticized as lacking leadership experience. Why didn’t you mention your five years as Chairman of the Ayer’s-founded CAC in either of your two autobiographies, and why won’t you talk about it today?
  3. How has your exposure and study of the Communist teachings of Saul Alinsky helped shape your opinions and political goals?
  4. Why haven’t you released your medical records? McCain has released thousands of pages. Do your high school and college years abuse of alcohol and cocaine have some lingering effects that we should know about?
  5. According to your own organization’s statements the school funding efforts you led (over $100M) resulted in no educational improvements. Why don’t you share with the public the specific things you improved as a community organizer in Chicago and how this potentially translates to success as President
  6. Why won’t you give any detail about your trip to Pakistan in 1981? Traveling to that part of the world back then was pretty risky. Were you searching for your identity? Were you just visiting your Pakistani roommate’s family?
  7. The press has ripped Palin’s family over personal issues, even those of a minor. Why should you get a pass about your poverty stricken half-brother that you haven’t helped?
  8. Your first book, “Dreams From My Father,” which exposes his influence in your life was devoted to your father. Why don’t you talk about your father’s communist leanings in an entire book dedicated to his memory?
  9. You also mention in the same book the influence of Frank Marshall Davis. He was a communist that fled Chicago after the FBI and Congress opened investigations into his “subversive,” “un-American activities.” Can you expand on this at all?

These will never, ever be answered. The press would rather run with political commentary from Paris Hilton or some other vapid Hollywood personality instead of doing so actual investigative journalism.


2 Responses to “Nine Questions for Barack-O”

  1. Bruce said

    Simple answer to simple questions … “It’s a black thang – you wouldn’t understand.”

  2. […] 200 questions so far. Even better, I’ve submitted 14 questions, including almost all from my Questions for Barack-O post. To find all of my questions, search for the Fairness Doctrine, then find the question asked […]

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