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Thank Florida and the Stubborn Right for Screwing America.

Posted by cann0nba11 on October 20, 2008

After watching the debates and then the reactions of ‘independents’ on various networks I am convinced that the mindless masses will put Obama into the White House. After all, our society now more than ever has become about flash over substance, image over content. Obama is handsome, has a great smile and can read a teleprompter like no other. McCain is an old white man with damaged shoulders that makes him look even older. Obama is smooth like Billy D. Williams, McCain is fiesty like Ross Perot. Today’s youth of America care more about who gets punked, who sleeps with who and whether or not Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O will survive their next bout with stupidity. Where have our priorities gone?

So I did the most basic of research this weekend to see how this all unfolded. CNN has a nice graphic that shows how the Primaries unfolded by date and state.  Scroll down a bit and click on the date January 15. You willsee that Romney was ahead and Huckabee was in second place. On January 19 McCain moved into second place. Maine did what it could to help out and pushed Romney into a tie, and then Florida reared it’s ugly, humid head and stunk the place up. All of those military retirees jumped on the “war hero” bandwagon and voted for McCain. So did all of the Mormon haters. This pushed McCain out front.

Super Tuesday sealed the deal. Why? Because Huckabee stuck around too long. Despite having less than 1/3 of the delegates of Romney or McCain, he stuck around like that last guest after a long party at your house, or the third wheel at a bar. He cannibalized the party like Perot and Nader. And he had the gall to stick around even longer to rub it in.

Below is a map of the states that voted for McCain  (yellow) and Huckabee (light blue).

Looking at the map above we can thank the south, the tri-state northeast, California and Florida for the mess we are in.

The table below shows how the McCain/Huckabee Super Tuesday states voted. You can see many instances where if you split the votes from states that Huckabee votes evenly between McCain and Romney that Romney would have won, CA, GA, MO and TN become statistical ties and Romney would have won VA. We’ll never know the actual percentage of Huck votes that would have gone to McCain or Romney. But it would have been a true race instead of a diluted political mess.

Why did Huckabee stick around so long? He had the very vocal support of the far right of the Conservative spectrum. Like sharks, they could smell blood and thought that a victory was possible. Steadfast, inflexible single-issue voters slapped on their Pro-Life buttons and ingored the fact that we were at war and in the midst of serious economic issues. Of all the candidates, Romney was the only one that had a clue about money and the economy. He made himself into a billioaire, leads a company, ran a state and fixed corruption in the Olympics. Yet the right thought Huckabee was the answer, and old milatary folks felt it was McCain’s turn to lead. Thank you for your service, and thank you for not seeing the bigger picture. Now that much of your retirement is gone are you thinking you made a mistake during the primaries?

So to the voters in the swing states I’ve described here I respectfully offer a heart-felt “F” YOU. Enjoy the Obamanation we are about to suffer through for the next four years.  Here’s what it will look like:

The Next Four Years

The Next Four Years


3 Responses to “Thank Florida and the Stubborn Right for Screwing America.”

  1. Bruce said

    It pains me greatly to say I have to agree with much of this. The only thing that could have made it worse for Romney than being a Mormon was to discover he was also a Freemason. Huckabee is an ass whose ego wouldn’t allow him to walk away – typical of professional politicians. The only reason McCain is still in the hunt is because of Sarah Palin being dangled in from of true conservatives faces. Hopefully she will not be so burned by the process and personal attacks that she won’t come back and try again in 4 years.

  2. Kay B. Day said

    In my opinion, what really swayed Florida (in addition to the military vote you cite) was our governor’s enthusiastic endorsement right before the primary. As you may be painfully aware, since Palin was selected Crist has been rather quietly, perhaps even reluctantly, supportive.

    I’m also not too sure about the sanctity of Florida’s vote (this opinion does not make me very popular here). A few years ago, a Florida elections supervisor tried to get New York state to cooperate in an investigation of voters who live in one state part of the year then another for the remainder (snowbirds). New York refused to cooperate.

    I phoned our secretary of state communications director a few weeks ago in an effort to learn whether there’s a safeguard against such residents voting twice. There isn’t, according to the individual who answered the phone. The CD never returned my call.

    I’ve also wondered about the reverse of Rush Limbaugh’s Operation Chaos. This is Florida and the southern part is really very strange. It is in my opinion an excellent case of successful mismanagement as are other many liberal communities and states. ACORN is very active in South Florida.

    That said, another key failure is the GOP’s dismay over the selected candidate. For months talk radio hosts, prominent conservative columnists and others decried McCain. I have to say at first I did the same, though not publicly. The night of the primary, when I heard the results, I did the hizzy. I was enraged. Because I knew exactly what the GOP was up against. My husband was basically speechless at the selection as well as at my hizzy, but he’s a capable guy and got me to listen eventually. So I got over it.

    Therefore, the party is put in the curious position of organizing an anti-vote–not so much for your candidate but against the other party’s. That’s always much harder to sell. An analogy: I like apples. So I go to the store and there are no apples. There’s a sale on Kiwi. There are a few purple grape clusters, but they’re more costly. So I pick the purple grapes, not so much because I prefer them but because I don’t like Kiwi. Simplistic, I know, but applicable.

    I will admit McCain grew on me as the season progressed. I do think he is the only candidate who might possibly hinder earmarks, the most egregious method to spend federal funds. McCain has also talked about cutting spending (music to my financially inclined ears). I like the fact he won’t raise taxes. His health care credit will result in savings for almost everyone, according to a liberal think tank (Brookings) and to a conservative institute. I am absolutely sure he loves his country. I will also admit McCain is my only option. If you have read the writings of Karl Marx, my reasons for that statement will be perfectly clear and I am not a rabid right winger. Most Americans are clueless about what our country will face if the Dems succeed in their power grab on election day–Congress, the executive branch and the judicial branch will be set in stone in a very new and very anti-American way.

    Actually, I’m not even sure my fellow GOPers would like me very much. I want a government to defend my safety/security, provide roads and infrastructure, protect my right to freedom of speech, keep their hands off my guns and then get the hell out of my face.

    That’s a wrap. I like reading what you write. I feel better now. –best, Kay

  3. frankg said

    Kay, you’re okay. I saw McCain as the anti-vote, that says it all. Yes, he had some positive policies to offer up, but I knew if he won I would have to continue fighting others. The day before/of the election I talked to two people to encourage them to vote, they were both, without prompting, unenthusiastic about the choice and saw little difference between Obama and McCain. How’s that for voter turnout, moderate republican leadership? It was so similar to Dole/Kemp. Just an anti-vote.

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