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Palin’s Wardrobe? Don’t Go There…

Posted by cann0nba11 on October 23, 2008

Of all of the things the Left whines about, the current discussion of the $150k used to clothe Palin and her family for election appearances is an absurd choice. Is $150k a lot for clothes? Perhaps. Does Michelle Obama show up on the view wearing a $150 outfit? Sure. But for crying out loud, this is an allowance for public appearances. Palin is a middle class woman, not a millionaire like Obama. If she didn’t dress ‘properly’ she would be ripped by the press over it.

And now for some perspective.

Sure, we’d all like $150k to spend on clothes for our family. But I wonder how much Barack Obama’s trip to Hawaii costs. It is completely valid and reasonable for him to visit his sick grandmother, I’m not debating that. But he’s not flying commercial business class. How much does it cost to fuel a private jet, staff it with security and then house everyone for this personal trip? I bet it’s 10X the cost of Palin’s wardrobe budget.

And given the fact that we still don’t know the origin of tens of millions of dollars (if not hundreds of millions) in Obama contributions, and we do know how much the greek columns in Denver cost ($140k), does Team Obama really want people interested in a line item by line item comparison of the two candidates? I dont think so.


9 Responses to “Palin’s Wardrobe? Don’t Go There…”

  1. katbur said

    Palin was the governor of a state. It is not as if we’re asking a housewife to show up in her standard outfit. The reason this is an issue is because she (and I think more to the point the campaign) have been presenting her as “just plain folk” who shop at Walmart and Target not part of the “elite”. Sarah can’t have it both ways.

    Where did Obama’s contributions come from? Several of them came from me and lots more of them came from people who agree with me and the campaign.

  2. cann0nba11 said

    Understood Katbur, and thanks for commenting. 🙂

    You still imply that it is “an issue.” Newscaster and public speakers get wardrobe allowances all of the time. I think it’s a lot of money, but I don’t think Team Obama should be talking about this. It’s a classic case of the pot calling kettle black.

    There is PLENTY of concern about where Obama’s contributions are coming from. Yes, millions of americans are donating. But there are millions and millions of dollars coming from unknown sources… just check out this article to see what I’m talking about:

  3. Grayce said

    I agree that what the RNC and Sarah Palin do about the wardrobe is between them and their donors (who, I suspect, want to win the election,) Brown made a good point about a double standard and that might not be the battleground that matters.

    So we are left with credentials. About that checklist for Gov. Palin’s experience that is different from Sen Obama’s, you left out knowledge of the constitution and the law. The chief executive swears to uphold the Constitution. Barack Obama did that homework before becoming a senator–he studied the law and passed the examinations that show he knows it. Being an executive is more than issuing executive orders like a chief decider.

  4. Ted Robles said

    Interesting website. I am also a 40 something US patriot 5 years (active) in the Army 5 more in the reserves, 3 wars, Panama, Desert Storm and 1 “other” ask Bush Sr. In response to your assertion that Obama’s trip to visit his gravely ill Grandmother is more outrageous than Palin’s “Elitist” shopping spree, you are aware that Senator Obama is under Secret Service protection (for good reason) and thus cannot just throw his garment bag over his shoulder and hop business class to Hawaii.
    How many times has AF 1 taken our fearless leader to his ranch in Texas for his record setting number of Presidential vacations?
    In decrying the “mindless masses” who now support Obama, I can certainly relate to your frustration, having cursed them myself the past 7.8 years for GW Bush.
    I’m a little disapointed your Ed Morrisey Fans feature had nothing to do with the Smiths.
    I wish you much success for the next 4-8 years as an outlet for the complaints of misguided Neo-Cons.

  5. Ed Oglesby said

    “Cronyism”, “Shady Stuff”, “Questioable Behavior”, “Lying Lips”, will all become common quotes when Obama becomes President. Talk about ripping up one’s garments, covering onself with ashes, rolling on the ground, and self flagellation—all of these will be common occurances amongst the populace when Obama is President. Huge tears of anguish will appear on the face of the Lady standing on Ellis Island and a dark cloud of dispair wil slowly but surely begin to cover the skies of America when Obama is President. After a time, a ground-swell of anger, helplessness, and resentment will begin to bloat the belly of informed Americans and the incomprable stench of gangrene will gradually creep into this society for which there is no camouflage. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth. A giant step for mankind “to the rear— MARCH” (military term for marching in the opposite direction)will have begun. Giant smiles will appear on the faces of the powerful as the sharpest of knives slides between the ribs and ultimately is twisted and the very bowels of this nation are perforated.

  6. cann0nba11 said


    Thanks for commenting. Yes, Obama’s Harvard Law education is a plus, but look at what a government run by lawyers has given us already. And what good is training in constitutional law if you ignore the constitution in the first place? Obama is as far left as they come in our government and I am concerned that he will bankrupt America. His plans will make Carter look frugal by comparison. The answer to our problems is the free market and lower taxes, NOT bigger government and higher taxes on businesses. You can’t tax your way to prosperity.

  7. cann0nba11 said

    Ted, Ted, Ted… put down the kool-aid for a minute and try applying some logic to your response. First, Bush is President, every president uses Air Force 1 the same way. I’m talking about Obama, not Bush (something liberals can’t seem to grasp). For starters, Palin’s wardrobe is not hers, it is a budget for clothes that she gives back or donates. My point about Obama’s trip is that it is for PERSONAL reasons, not political reasons (although I actually think it’s more than just a visit to see Grandma). The hypocrisy of Liberal whining makes my head hurt. Obama is spending ridiculous sums of money, yet the left has the unmitigated gall to voice discontent over Palin’s wardrobe? If that’s all you’ve got, you’ve got nothing. This tells me that Palin is a threat, hence your undies being in a wad.

  8. Hollon said

    Wait a minute. Someone is making light of a 150,000 dollar wardrobe. Can we have some sort of rationalization to make this incredible waste of money seem morally right?

    And please don’t make it seem like Palin would be a good president if McCain gets cancer for a fifth time and dies while in office. She is a joke.

  9. cann0nba11 said

    You apparently haven’t done any research on the topic. The wardrobe isn’t hers. It also dresses her entire family, not just her. And dare you compare the cost of Obama’s suits or the cash he has wasted on props, stages, etc.? The waste is ridiculous.

    As far as Palin being a joke, can you expand on that? She’s got more experience than your man Barack-O.

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