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Packin’ Heat in Texas… Hello CHL!

Posted by cann0nba11 on November 17, 2008

Over the weekend the me and the Mrs. took the Texas Concealed Handgun License class and shooting tests. For both of us this was our first time using a handgun. The verdict: WE ARE HOOKED!

We had been considering this class for quite some time, but given that Mr. Anti-2nd-Amendment is now our president-elect we decided to take the class while we could still afford to. Honestly, I registered us for the class late on election night once I realized that McCain couldn’t win. Apparently I wasn’t the only person with this idea, our class had about 75 students, only about 10 were renewals. The rest were first-timers and there were many husband/wife teams there including us.

We chose for the class and were very pleased. Sammy is a retired DPS officer and his wife Jo is his busy better half (according to Sammy). They were both a hoot and made it very easy for all of the students. Sammy kept the class light with plenty of humor and the occasional dig at Obama (he had a sympathetic audience). Jo was busy as heck in the back of the room dealing with paperwork and the mind-numbing questions from students that sometimes forget to listen.

The all-day class ran long mainly due to the quantity of questions we asked. I learned that our class was a little larger than usual thanks to the election. We also learned that the cost of ammo has skyrocketed and business for gun range owners is also greater than supply. We tested at the Bracken gun range, the place was packed. They actually had to turn away fifty people on Saturday due to space limitations. We qualified on Sunday and the owner said that it is never packed like it was when we were there.

As I said, neither Sue nor I had fired handguns before. Jo helped Sue load her clip, she qualified on a Glock 9mm. I qualified on a Ruger. Here’s how we did (click one either one for a larger view). I was thoroughly impressed with Sue, she was initially quite nervous about handling a gun. But after her first five rounds I could tell she was digging it. She managed to get three rounds into the center center circle with one almost dead center. I landed five or six in the center with two dead center shots. We were both very happy with our results. Now the hard part… we have to decide which gun we each want to carry. Sue liked the Glock 9mm, we just need to get a smaller size for her hand. I need more time to evaluate, but I was impressed with Taurus’ “The Judge.” I’ve heard this before, the best home defense (other than a big dog as a deterrent) is a good shotgun. The Mossberg 410 Home Defender will probably be one of the guns we get for the house. Nothing like that cha-chick sound to persuade someone to get the hell out.

Now we need to find a good online gun community and try to avoid buying too many guns. This hobby could get pretty expensive if we’re not too careful.


3 Responses to “Packin’ Heat in Texas… Hello CHL!”

  1. ◄Dave► said

    Congratulations, you “Sick Twisted Freak.” (Insider here…) I like the sentiments on your window. Treat Sue right… she likes to aim low. 🙂

    You might appreciate “Gun Collecting.” ◄Dave►

  2. Bruce said

    As a retired NYPD officer of 25 years, I applaud your choice of the Mossberg Defender as a home defense weapon. I wrote the lesson plan for one of the top CHL classes in Arkansas, have been involved in the 2nd Amendment movement for over 25 years, have trained officers and civilians privately myself, and despite favoring “must issue” laws have always recommended a shotgun for home use for reasons too numerous to mention. I keep a Mossberg Defender in 20ga right by the bed myself.

    Now get together with your family and work up a defensive plan. I know Texas is a “mans castle” state, but every family should still have a plan in case someone gets in the house. Keep a high intensity light in your bedroom – or whatever room you choose as your “safe” room (one in which all occupants can easily gather to go to a defensive mode) and always have a CELL phone handy (phone lines can be cut). NEVER try to do a room to room clearing of your home unless you are trained and experienced in close combat. Gather everyone together, turn on your HI light, and make it known you have a gun and if anyone tries to enter the area they will be shot.

    Good luck, and welcome to the wonderful world of family activities! And practice, practice, practice. I fired Expert every one of my 25 years, and still shot a minimum of 200 rounds a week. Besides … it’s fun!

  3. BWalk said

    Paulie – I’d stay away from the .410, but stick with the Mossberg. I’ve got the 12ga model and you are more than welcome to give it a try! “00” Buckshot FTW!

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