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Stop the hate! Tolerate!

Posted by cann0nba11 on December 3, 2008

I’m sick of angry gay people. Seriously. Shut up. Focus on your job or something else productive. And while you’re at it, give me the damned rainbow back.

To understand my frustration you need to know my beliefs. I believe:

  1. Gay couples should be allowed to enter into civil unions and recieve the legal rights that married couples receive including issues of property ownership, medical benefits and visitation rights among others.
  2. Marriage is the concept of two people taking an oath before their chosen diety with the responsibility of creating offspring to further propogate the species.
  3. True homosexuality is not a choice, it is genetic coding error that results in the sexual desire for someone else of the same sex. It is counterproductive, it is a mistake, just like Downs Syndrome, albinoism, or a cleft lip.

I’m not saying that gays, albinos, or people with Downs or cleft lips are bad people. They simply were born with a flaw. They are all still beautiful human beings capable of love, hate, right and wrong. But I will assert until my dying day that homosexuality is a genetic flaw and as a gay couple you are not entitled to the religious act of marriage.

That being said, I’m getting really tired of all of the hatred espoused by the anti Prop 8 crowd. Attention All Gays! The issue was given to the citizens and the voted gay marriage down. Deal with it. A radical judge ignored the will of the people and abused his power when overturning the vote. It went to a vote again and the people voted against gay marriage. That’s twice that the people have spoken. Suck it up and deal with it. Bring it up for a vote at the next election. Until then, GROW THE HELL UP! For those of you into S&M and feel compelled to march in public parades dressed in horribly offensive leather outfits, deal with the pain of losing, you should be used to pain by now.

But, since I know that you are incapable of dealing with the issue rationally, I ask a favor. Take your frustration out on more than just peaceful white churches. Try protesting outside a nice black Baptist church. Better yet, go camp outside a mosque given that Islam is possibly the most intolerant religion regarding the topic of homosexuality. And womens rights for that matter. What’s that? You can’t do that? Why not? Oooooh, that’s right. You are nothing but oportunistic whiners that can only pick fights with people that will not fight back. That’s why you have the guts to do things like grabbing a cross out of an old womans hand and stomping it on the ground, or stealing a woman’s bible and then hitting her in the head with it. The left is somehow supposed to be the tolerant side of the political spectrum? That makes absolutely no sense

Remember when the rainbow used to be a symbol of happiness, an icon of innocence and childhood? Remember Rainbow Bright? Once upon a time the rainbow was associated with harmony and peace. In 1978 the gay community adopted the rainbow as a symbol of inclusion, of diversity (thank you artist Gilbert Baker). Well, as we’ve seen in recent history the gay community has become more brazen and offensive in its tactics and attempts to get its way. The colors of the rainbow are supposed to stand for life (red), healing (orange), sunlight (yellow), nature (green), harmony (blue) and spirit (purple). All I’ve seen lately from the anti Prop 8 crowd is lots of purple. And before you try to tell me that Christians are intolerant, try digging up an example of Christian protests that come anywhere close to being as offensive and over the top as the many recent anti Prop 8 protests. (The Westboro Baptist Church doesn’t count, they are reconized by virtually all of humanity as being absolutely psychopathic loons)

So back to my point, California. The populace has spoken and you need to accept the results. Almost half of America is forced to live with the results of the recent election, try to do the same. If you can’t practice what you preach, please give the children of the world the rainbow back.


5 Responses to “Stop the hate! Tolerate!”

  1. poot said

    Wow Babe! Awesome! I wish Margie would read this. I WANT MY RAINBOW BACK!!!!!

  2. waltzinexile said

    While I agree that violence is never acceptable, you should probably stop asserting that: 1) All of the protests have been violent, and 2) All of the protesters are gay. That said, please feel free to attach whatever meaning you want to the rainbow; no one owns it.

  3. Bruce said

    I find myself in total agreement with you vis-a-vis’ your stated “beliefs.”

  4. Will said

    Marriage is a promise to love forever. There aren’t any vows that concern procreation. Actually, I usually like gay couples more than hetero couples because they seem grounded in a real love, not “because of the kids” or the house or whatever divides.

  5. ◄Dave► said

    Wait until they get married, Will. Then tell me how they seem. Marriage may be a promise to love forever; but actually, it is the best antidote yet for love. If you fall in love and can’t get over it any other way, get married; that will soon cure what ails you. 🙂 ◄Dave►

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