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Day Without America

Posted by cann0nba11 on January 3, 2009

I’m sick of anti-American sentiment. I’m sick of people whining about how the white man was mean to native Americans when they ‘discovered’ the New World. I’m sick of Palestinian supporters whining about what they want. History is about survival of the fittest. Those that win the wars make the rules. Don’t like it? Ask for a rematch. Lose again? Try again. Lose again? Get a clue and shut the hell up. (Palestinians: I’m talking about you here.)

Earlier this week I made a comment about how difficult toys are to open these days. Tons of tape, twist ties, cardboard and some form of lamination/plastic that could surive a nuclear attack. I commented that if our borders were only as secure as this box from Hasbro, America would be a safer and more economically sound country. A friend couldn’t resist and commented: “Good thing Native Americans didn’t have a homeland security department.”

Well, I guess her point was that we were mean to the Indians. I guess we should have been nicer while we were creating the most powerful and charitable country ever known to humanity. Then I thought, what would the world be like if the pilgrims turned back instead of finishing their three month trip to New England in 1620.

If British colonists didn’t make the trip and propogate in the New World, Spaniards certainly would have. In fact, in the 1700s “New Spain” reached from Central America as far north as Canada and consummed practically every acre west of the Mississippi River, all the way to the Pacific Ocean. I’m sure that the Spaniards would have treated native Americans with the respect and kindness that modern-day liberals so want us to practice (something that Libs apparently can’t practice on their own fellow citizens). Seeing that Spanish influence has enjoyed such success in Central and South America, we can assume that the US would have fared much better as a larger version of Mexico City.

If not the Spanish, the Dutch might have taken interest in the new land. In fact, they were transporting African slaves to the new world prior to the arrival of the Pilgrims. But the Dutch are not known for their military prowess. So, if not the Dutch, what about the Turks? Well, their efforts in Europe peaked before the year 1700. Ah ha! The French! Napoleon! Well, despite his efforts he didn’t quite get everything he was looking for in the early 1800s. Back in the Americas, what about Mexico? It declared its independence from Spain in 1824. I’m sure it would have been buddy buddy with the neighbors to the north. Maybe they would even offer the indians free healthcare and education? Nah… nobody would be that kind.

Perhaps the discovery of gold in 1849 would have brought well-meaning friendlies into the New World? What about the French again? They captured Mexico City in 1863, but without the home court advantage they were defeated by Mexico three years later. Then war exploded into a completely new scale. WW I started in 1914. Then life got even worse. Hitler rose to power and, among other things, invaded Austria in 1938 and Poland in 1939. Then WW II erupted. Then Korea and Vietnam, then the Cold War, the Iraq War, and then a repeat of the latter.

If I remember history correctly, a group of brave men and women came to a new world and dealt with unimaginable risks, all for the sake of religious freedom. Like in the rest of the animal kingdom, possession is the law. The big gorilla has his way until another gorilla beats him up. The lion eats smaller animals… you get the point. Europeans were simply more advanced at the time and they pissed on North America to claim it as their own. Territory struggles are always ugly, but it’s just the law of the jungle. Look at the pretty gazelles sipping water. Now look at the cheetah eating one of them. Jungle law: it applies to humans too.

If America didn’t become America we’d probably all be speaking German, and you would have a hard time finding a good bowl of matza ball soup, if you get my drift. You see, America, while not perfect, has saved the world’s ass on more than one occasion. I don’t think that a Spanish America would have had the interest or ability to defeat Hitler. America saved Europe. Twice. Americans liberated Jews from the death camps. Americans liberated Iraq too. And Americal will continue to protect the free world from evil people that want nothing more than to destroy all things Western and free. Like it or not, radical Muslims want to take over the world: just like Napoleon, just like Hitler. Someone has to keep that from happening, right?

[a brief sidebar: Has anyone thought to mention that the idiot that threw shoes at our president would have been killed on the spot if he tried that stunt with Saddam Hussein? Not only that, his family would have been tortured, raped and killed just to make a point. So, while you may agree with his intent, consider for a moment that America is responsible for giving that idiot the freedom to exercise his opinion in the first place.]


One Response to “Day Without America”

  1. ◄Dave► said

    If I remember history correctly…

    That is your problem; you do, and those lamenting the fate of Native Americans don’t even study it anymore.

    Your well written piece brought to mind an anecdote from my past. I took a job as manager of a 3,000 acre farm in Rhodesia in ’74, when the whole world was agitating for White Men to “go home” and leave Africa to its natives. The farmer once said to me, “Dave, my great-grandfather cleared this land. My grandfather was born on this land. My father was born on it, and so was I. Now I have two sons born here. I AM home, and have nowhere else to go.”

    We employed 150 natives and provided education and medical care for their well-fed families, while contributing to Rhodesia’s role as the bread basket of Africa. A few years later, it succumbed to UN Sanctions. The farms were confiscated from their rightful owners, and turned over to the communist trained terrorists we had been fighting. They now call it Zimbabwe, and I am sure the worlds hand-wringers are proud of their righteous success. Ask the now starving natives if the meddling do-gooders did them a favor… ◄Dave►

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