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“Never thought I’d see this day…”

Posted by cann0nba11 on January 20, 2009

How many times have we heard black people on the news saying “I never thought I’d see this day?” We’ve come to expect this from much of the black population, a resounding statement of “we shall overcome.” But I have to ask, overcome what?

To think in this day and age that a person of any race other than white cannot reach the highest levels of his profession is simply absurd. What much of America has forgotten is the amount of work it takes to become successful, in any field. We now have a black president. We have black CEOs, a black supreme court justice, black sports coaches in colleges and pros. We have minorities of every color filling every position you can find in America.So what exactly makes people today think that they would never see the day when a minority is elected president?

It’s a defeatist, welfare mentality, thats what. People that think this expect things to be given to them. I can certainly understand why elderly blacks feel this way, because they were the victims of true racism. But to hear anyone under 40, or even 50, saying this drives me insane. Raise your hand if you were a slave. Anyone? Blacks that suffered the horrible indignities of racism in the 1950s and 1960s have a legitimate complaint, I certainly know I would still be holding a grudge if I had been fire-hosed or beaten due to my skin color.

But what about the younger generations? What is their excuse? Don’t blame the schools. They are doing their best. Don’t blame “the man” because he is busy giving out handouts left and right. Come to think of it, was Barack Obama an affirmative action recipient at Harvard? We’ll never know since he won’t release his records, but his grades at Occidental College certainly were not noteworthy. Perhaps our president loves welfare because he once received it?

I am proud to be an American where we can speak our minds and vote freely. I am also proud of the opportunity that we give ALL Americans. Keep in mind that about 12% of America is Black, 15% Hispanic, 5% Asian and 68% white. It takes time for racism to dissipate in corporate America, and we should be there by now. But don’t just place people of color in positions of power, let them earn it. Let them apply for the jobs that they are interested in, don’t just give them a handout. Barack Obama was elected in a fair and decisive election. While race may have played a small part, it did not sway the election. He was elected thanks to a brilliant campaign team, questionable fund raising techniques, and the perfect political storm that no Republican could have survived. He is our president now and I hope he gives the office more respect than the left gave his predecessor.

Democrats have for years fostered a welfare state, and these are largely the people that felt that a black man could never become president. They have continued to propagate the “being held down by the man” myth instead of rising up against this false stigma. Maybe that mindset is why they are still on welfare.


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