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Thoughts for this historic day

Posted by cann0nba11 on January 20, 2009

I’ve gathered a few quotes that caught my eye today on Enjoy.

  1. Someday soon… may be a week, may be a few months… America is going to wake up… with a terrible hangover, a new tatoo, and find themselves in bed with a transvestite, and ask themselves “just what the hell did I do last night?”
  2. “This is no ordinary time in the history of our democracy, and none of us can afford to behave like ordinary people. Every patriot must wish for the new president to succeed. ….” Ridiculous hyperbole. Set aside the fact that these vaunted editors of a major newspaper don’t know this is a Republic, not a Democracy, I’ll take my cue from the founding fathers in hoping the party opposite fails in spectacular fashion and remind them of their failures constantly.
  3. This is the most disturbing day I have had since 9/11. I feel the same fear, sadness, anxiety and dread. My head is spinning from the all of the utter absurdity and adoration of this man. I’m afraid we have turned a corner from a world we will never see again. I have no hail and I have no chief. I am a woman without a country.
  4. Seriously…I have had enough. I am not going to shut up and be nice. The liberals weren’t nice…even today. I am supposed to be bigger than they are? Why? I don’t think I could ever stoop to the level of vitriol displayed by the libs – I am more mature than that – but no way in Hell am I gonna start holding hands and singing kumbaya because “they” say so.During Bush dissent was patriotic. During Bush protesting and obstructing was patriotic. During Bush motivating our enemies and demoralizing our troops was patriotic. Now that The One is in office? Even disagreeing with him makes you unpatriotic. Want to stop his spendingpalooza? Unpatriotic. It’s time for us to come together and be bipartisan! You have to support the President! Dissent is unpatriotic!
  5. One of the mistakes many pundits on the right are making, is in the idea that suddenly, now that they are in power, the Left will grow up and behave reasonably. They went ape shit about 6 years ago, and started celebrating the most extreme of their groups. KOS, Code Pink, Cindy Sheehan… extremists got not only a platform, but lauded for their extremism, and given support (code pink got front row seats today…). Since then, they have driven the agenda through sheer volume. They yell, they scream, they protest, and the media gives them attention, while ignoring any other viewpoint. Well, it worked folks. In the last 6 years they took over the House, the Senate, and the Presidency… Now, do you really believe that they are going to change their behavior WHEN THEY WON? The Right, while attempting to be reasonable, has lost out to pure volume from the left… and until they start to yell back, it is not going to change.
  6. There is a silver lining in all of this. At long last the barrier to Afro-American success, self-confidence, and self-esteem has been removed. No longer will whitey be able to contain the ideas and contribution of blacks. No longer will blacks resort to drug abuse to lessen the pain of being held back because of racism. The rate of abortion and single-mother households in the black community will experience an “over the cliff” drop. Welfare will finally develop a negative connotation. The list is virtually endless. The bottom line, and this is the silver lining, is this: At noon on Tuesday, Jan 20, 2009, Afro-Americans will no longer be able to use the excuse of “being black”. The dark horror is over.
  7. What ignorant nonsense. I am so sick of all this ludicrous Obama worship. Obama was an unaccomplished state legislator, a failed Congressional candidate, and an unaccomplished half-term junior U.S. Senator, before winning the presidency because of his celebrity status. When the man has actually accomplished something of note for this country — other than winning elections — they can let me know. At that point, I’ll be happy to reassess his merits. Until then, I wish they’d just STFU.
  8. Liberals are weeping in joy over the end of racism in America. We conservatives have already gone way, way past this feeling. We’ve spent decades in a post-racial, happy intellectual space where racism is something other people fret over and engage in, not us. Finally, today, liberals are getting a taste of what we conservatives wake up to every day: Joy in our country, hope for a bright future, a knowledge that race doesn’t matter and whatever you want, if you work hard, you can achieve. Hey, libbies, welcome aboard!
  9. I will be rooting for Obama’s failure. Rooting for Obama means rooting for mass infanticide, racism, socialism, and a premature end to the mission set out for me (I’m a veteran of OIF I and III) and my fellow service members. One of the very reasons Obama is President now is because “conservatives” have failed to properly fight that which we are opposed to. There should be no defense of “taking the high road”. There is only success and failure. Right now conservatism is failing, and it’s, at least in part, the fault of those who are willing to go along to get along with our enemy.

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