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Photo Voter ID Vote in Texas

Posted by cann0nba11 on January 23, 2009

No matter what political party you support, the logic and security of requiring voters to present a photo ID should be obvious. We are required to show photo ID when renting a movie, buying a delivered pizza with a check, or shopping at various retail outlets. However, voting is a privilege that must be not be tampered with. This is NOT a partisan issue, it is important in order to ensure honest elections. Look at the influence that ACORN had across the country last year; look at how close many of our elections have been (the Franken/Coleman election in Minnesota has STILL not been decided yet).

In other words, EVERY VOTE COUNTS.

But they should be only counted once, and only those allowed by our laws to vote should be voting. No felons, no multiple voters, no undocumented visitors, no dead people or cartoon characters. Voter Photo ID is important to the integrity of the election process.

What can you do to help?

I had the honor of meeting with Lamar Smith in November. I asked him if our calls and emails make a difference. His response: “Absolutely.” He then went on to explain how the process works. Staffers categorize all calls, faxes and emails. They tally the counts and discount form letters, spam messages, etc. The top five issues of the week are put into a memo and given to our Senators and Representatives. Each office is different, but this is the general process. Now here’s the main point: It only takes a couple dozen calls to get on the weekly constituent memo. Our voices CAN be heard, we CAN make a difference. So here’s what I’m asking all concerned citizens to do.

For starters, please make two phone calls. One to the new speaker, Joe Straus’ office:

Austin office: 512-463-0686
District office (San Antonio): 210-828-4411

First, tell Speaker Straus two things:

  1. Ask that he appoint a chair of the Elections Committee who is favorable to the Voter Photo ID bill.
  2. Providing a photo ID for voting is important for keeping the election process honest

Other talking points (optional)

  1. We need photo ID for everything from cashing checks to renting movies. It just makes good sense to require the same to vote.
  2. This is not a partisan issue. It is important in order to ensure honest elections.
  3. Any bill we pass will not suppress the votes of the poor and elderly. Provisions will be in the bill which will prevent that.

Second. Go to this link and contact your local Representative: (or, if you want the list of Representive email addresses by district, scroll down) . Tell him or her that the Voter Photo ID bill is important to you, and you want to see it pass.

Why is your participation so important?

Currently the Texas House is split 76 (R) to 74 (D). Therefore, passing this vital legislation is not guaranteed. In the last session, Reps. Tommy Merritt (Longview) and Delwin Jones (Lubbock) were the only Republicans to vote against voter ID. Their contact information is listed below. Let them know that this issue is important to you.

Delwin Jones
Room 3S.2, Capitol Building
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 463-0542
(512) 463-0671 Fax
Tommy Merritt
Room 1N.12, Capitol Building
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 463-0750
(512) 463-9085 Fax

THANK YOU FOR CARING! We The People CAN make a difference. Remember, government works for the citizens, not vice versa.


Dist # Party Last name Email address
01 (D) Frost
02 (R) Flynn
03 (D) Homer
04 (R) Brown
05 (R) Hughes
06 (R) Berman
07 (R) Merritt
08 (R) Cook
09 (R) Christian
10 (R) Pitts
11 (D) Hopson
12 (D) McReynolds
13 (R) Kolkhorst
14 (R) Brown
15 (R) Eissler
16 (R) Creighton
17 (R) Kleinschmidt
18 (R) Otto
19 (R) Hamilton
20 (R) Gattis
21 (D) Ritter
22 (D) Deshotel
23 (D) Eiland
24 (R) Taylor
25 (R) Bonnen
26 (R) Howard
27 (D) Olivo
28 (R) Zerwas
29 (R) Weber
30 (R) Morrison
31 (D) Guillen
32 (R) Hunter
33 (D) Ortiz
34 (D) Herrero
35 (D) Gonzalez Toureilles
36 (D) Flores
37 (D) Oliveira
38 (D) Lucio III
39 (D) Martinez
40 (D) Peña Aaron.Peñ
41 (D) Gonzales
42 (D) Raymond
43 (D) Rios Ybarra
44 (R) Kuempel
45 (D) Rose
46 (D) Dukes
47 (D) Bolton
48 (D) Howard
49 (D) Naishtat
50 (D) Strama
51 (D) Rodriguez
52 (D) Maldonado
53 (R) Hilderbran
54 (R) Aycock
55 (R) Sheffield
56 (R) Anderson
57 (D) Dunnam
58 (R) Orr
59 (R) Miller
60 (R) Keffer
61 (R) King
62 (R) Phillips
63 (R) Parker
64 (R) Crownover
65 (R) Solomons
66 (R) McCall
67 (R) Madden
68 (R) Hardcastle
69 (D) Farabee
70 (R) Paxton
71 (R) King
72 (R) Darby
73 (R) Miller
74 (D) Gallego
75 (D) Quintanilla
Dist # Party Last name Email address
76 (D) Chávez Norma.Chá
77 (D) Marquez
78 (D) Moody
79 (D) Pickett
80 (D) King
81 (R) Lewis
82 (R) Craddick
83 (R) Jones
84 (R) Isett
85 (D) Heflin
86 (R) Smithee
87 (R) Swinford
88 (R) Chisum
89 (R) Laubenberg
90 (D) Burnam
91 (R) Hancock
92 (R) Smith
93 (D) Pierson
94 (R) Patrick
95 (D) Veasey
96 (D) Turner
97 (R) Shelton
98 (R) Truitt
99 (R) Geren
100 (D) Hodge
101 (D) Miklos
102 (D) Kent
103 (D) Anchia
104 (D) Alonzo
105 (R) Harper-Brown
106 (D) England
107 (D) Vaught
108 (R) Branch
109 (D) Giddings
110 (D) Mallory Caraway
111 (D) Davis
112 (R) Button
113 (R) Driver
114 (R) Hartnett
115 (R) Jackson
116 (D) Martinez Fischer
117 (D) Leibowitz
118 (D) Farias
119 (D) Gutierrez
120 (D) McClendon
121 (R) Straus
122 (R) Corte
123 (D) Villarreal
124 (D) Menendez
125 (D) Castro
126 (R) Harless
127 (R) Crabb
128 (R) Smith
129 (R) Davis
130 (R) Fletcher
131 (D) Allen
132 (R) Callegari
133 (D) Thibaut
134 (D) Cohen
135 (R) Elkins
136 (R) Woolley
137 (D) Hochberg
138 (R) Bohac
139 (D) Turner
140 (D) Walle
141 (D) Thompson
142 (D) Dutton
143 (D) Hernandez
144 (R) Legler
145 (D) Alvarado
146 (D) Edwards
147 (D) Coleman
148 (D) Farrar
149 (D) Vo
150 (R) Riddle

One Response to “Photo Voter ID Vote in Texas”

  1. Bryan Weatherford said

    I strongly agree with the need for photo ID to vote. During the march 4th Primary, I was struck by the degree of “identification” the Democats were requiring its voters to get into the caucus meeting – a voter registration card, a drivers licence, and the ubiquitious “I Voted In the Democratic Primary” ticket. I was the GOP Election Judge and made a comment to a member of the Democratic Party about this and his response was that security was needed on that end. I replied that it was more necessary on the front end – at the ballot box – than then. He just looked at me.

    I will call Speaker Straus and Rep. McCall to encourage them to both support the voter ID for Texas.



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