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A Rush to Disaster

Posted by cann0nba11 on February 3, 2009

Today on MSNBC, Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) slammed Republican representatives that opposed the “stimulus” package. She used the standard Dem talking points that Republicans chose to vote against creation of jobs, blah blah blah… Then she said the following:

“If we don’t pass this legislation it will be a financial disaster.”

Sounds like she’s drinking the scare tactic kool-ade. Weren’t the Republicans accused of using scare tactics during the campaign? Here’s what I say, Senator:

Approving a hastily written bad bill will be worse than a disaster for America.

Rushing a pork-filled spending fest like the proposed “stimulus” package would be worse than a financial disaster. This $900B turd sandwich will not help America, and it will hurt our children and their children. Have you ever been told “don’t buy the first house you walk through?” Do you cave at the cash register and buy crappy flashlights and over-priced candy on impulse? Hurrying through such an expensive and important piece of legislation as the rescue plan is a horrible, horrible mistake. Sleep on it Congress. Think about what you are doing. America is learning how bad this monster, as you can see by the shrinking approval ratings.

Draft a bill that actual stimulates the economy NOW, not in three years. Create jobs NOW, not later. And for God’s sake, remove the pet projects and spending sprees that have absolutely nothing to do with stimulus. You tried sneaking amnesty into earlier financial legislation, you tried sneaking pork into emergency war funding bills, and now you have porked out the bailout of America. How can you sleep at night? Do what is right, or yield the floor to someone that will.


One Response to “A Rush to Disaster”

  1. with a two house majority and a veto-proof white house, WTF are they waiting for? See

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