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Hey Dems: You Won! Now act like it.

Posted by cann0nba11 on February 3, 2009

I’ve been stuck in the hospital for the past four days with plenty of time to watch television. As I ingest more politics than usual I am becoming intensely irritated at the tone of all messaging coming from Team Obama. It started at the inauguration speech where Obama used this historic occasion to slam his predecessor in front of the entire world with direct and subtle insults and references to the past eight years. Classy. This theme is still alive and well, someone apparently forgot to tell the White House that it’s okay to look forward now; Bush and Cheney have moved out. If you listen to Obama, Biden or the “PC Guy” press secretary you will hear repeated “past eight years” references. Team Obama is still campaigning.

Here’s an example: Just this morning, during the confirmation of Eric Holder (don’t get me started), Joe Biden said something like “There is no room for politics in this position. We are returning to an era where ideology is not part of the process.” This is a classic Bidenism: In the same sentence he contradicts himself. By using the phrase “returning to…” Biden slammed thee Bush administration by implying that ideology was the rule. This is patently false, and it’s an emotional stab that the left is quite fond of. (I will insert the actual quote once I find the text, I watched it live).

I could easily gather more samples of this, but my point is that Mr. Hope and Change needs to get the message out to his people that divisive statements, reminders of the previous administration, and overall insults are NOT what he campaigned on. It helped him win, but for God’s sake take a clue from your supporters and MOVE ON. Look forward. Try to bring the country together instead of driving the parties further apart. You won, try to have some class.


2 Responses to “Hey Dems: You Won! Now act like it.”

  1. Sadly, there are areas where they show they know they have one. The stimulus is turning into an orgy of victory celebration spending. The fear argument that only they would know how to fix the economy worked so well for the election, it is being carried on as a way to tell us that no matter how bad this bill looks we just need to trust them and let it happen. The same argument that was used for TARP passing against our objections, and we all know how well that has worked.

    Our elected officials increasing see themselves as a ruling class who does not have to worry about or opinions. While they are elected, and we CAN change them, we rarely do so there is nothing for them to fear.

  2. Sorry to hear that you are in the hospital. The way insurance companies try to rush you out the hospital door to be there four days it must be something serious. I hope you are back up and running soon.


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