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Get real Democrats. Draft a STIMULUS plan, not a wish list!

Posted by cann0nba11 on February 13, 2009

Congress wants to vote on a more than thousand page bill that was handed over late last night. Assuming it will take one-minute per page to read, it will take more than 15 HOURS to go through the bill page by page. Yet we are told to trust that Congress is doing the right thing by voting today?

Here are some of the items in the bill:

  • $100 million for the Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control Grant Program
  • $200 million to the Leaking Underground Storage Tank Trust Fund Program
  • $300 million for “Violence Against Women Prevention and Prosecution Programs”
  • $900 million for the IRS for the “Limitation on Administrative Expenses”
  • $1 million for the Railroad Retirement Board for administrative costs
  • $2 billion for the Drinking Water State Revolving Act
  • $50 million for Health and Human Services to carry out injury prevention programs
  • $1.1 billion for studies on the effectiveness of different medical treatments — $200 million to upgrade labs and facilities for the Department of Agriculture “to improve workplace safety and mission-area efficiencies”
  • $10 million for urban canal inspection
  • $16 billion to pay for student financial aid
  • $1 billion to pay for the U.S. Census
  • $600 million to pay for a fuel-efficient federal auto fleet
  • $650 million for the Digital Converter Box Program to help the constantly delayed transition from analog television
  • $485 million to the Forest Service for “hazardous fuels reduction and hazard mitigation activities in areas at high risk of catastrophic wildfire”
  • Up to $1 billion for “summer activities” for youths as old as 24
  • $40 million for the occupational research agenda
  • $3 billion for the Centers for Disease Control wellness programs and vaccinations
  • $410 million for Indian health facilities
  • $2.4 billion for carbon-capture demonstrations

This list makes up more than $30 BILLION in non-stimulus spending.  There’s plenty more in there, but the point should be clear. Democrats, following the advice of President Whisperer Rahm Emanuel, is packing this urgent bill with pet projects and payback to constituents. (Remember, he’s the Obama staffer that said “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”) President Obama flat out lied to America earlier this week during his press conference when he said there was no pork in this bill. . (And no, hippy, Bush didn’t lie about the war. Bush AND Congress approved our military actions based on the information at hand at the time.) President Obama lied, lied, lied.

Making matters worse, Chuck Schumer had the umittigated gall to say that the “American people really don’t care” about all those “little tiny, yes, porky amendments” that the “chattering classes” have exposed. Oh, and Schumer wants to bring back the Un-Fairness Doctrine to silence the free speech flexing of the political right.

This is not a stimulus package, it is a wish list, and Nancy Pelosi should be ashamed.


One Response to “Get real Democrats. Draft a STIMULUS plan, not a wish list!”

  1. Josh said

    They will never be ashamed, they are soul-less. Is there nothing that educated America can do in order to stop this madness? It is insane to think that Nancy Pelosi and her cronies have so much power to push around the entire country. It is the tail wagging the dog, and there is no way to stop this?

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