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Sometimes a monkey is just a monkey.

Posted by cann0nba11 on February 18, 2009

Al, give it a rest. Sometimes a monkey is just a monkey. Remember this? Or this? Or this? Where was the outrage? Where was the white hate? Where was Peta?

It’s called political satire. Editorial expression. Freedom of speech. And the cartoon isn’t even about the president. There are plenty of George Bush monkey references on the Internet. Why? Because sometimes George looked like a monkey. The same can certainly be said about Barack Obama. You’ve seen his ears, right? Lighten up people. the cartoon Sharpton is all upset about has to do with a monkey that went nuts and assaulted its owner. The comment about the stimulus plan is a simple one: it sucks so bad even a monkey could write it. In fact, you could say that one did since Nancy Pelosi was in charge of drafting the doomed stimulus legislation that was signed into law yesterday. Perhaps if President Obama actually wrote the bill and presented it to Congress for debate and review he might see an improvement in his approval ratings. Better yet, he might have come up with a plan that actually would work.

So remember, sometimes a monkey is just a monkey. Words and even images only have the influence and power that we as humans give to them. If you laughed at the pictures on the left, you should be able to laugh at the pictures on the right. If not, lighten the heck up or find something substantive to get angry about. I’ll give you a topic: The Stimulus Plan is neither Stimulus nor a Plan. Discuss.

Chris Rock and other black comedians have made plenty of money making fun of being black. I think it was he that said “Why is Black History Month the shortest month in the year?” Take a cue from Chris and lighten up Al.


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