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The Mexico / Al Qaeda Connection

Posted by cann0nba11 on February 19, 2009

Last week Glenn Beck had a segment with Michael Scheuer (author of “Marching Toward Hell”) about the too often overlooked problem with our porous southern border. If for a moment we put aside the very real illegal immigration issues of crime, drugs, violence, and disease and their impact on America’s economy and infrastructure, there is a larger concern: national security. Please watch this segment, the meat starts around 1:30:

Some of Scheuer’s comments:

  • “They do nothing and they suppress the information, Glenn. They don’t tell you how many Arabs they catch every month.”
  • “Our political elite does not care about protecting Americans.”
  • “Well, Look at our borders sir. If national defense doesn’t include border control, then national defense is nonsense.”
  • “They want to play games at home, they want to stay in power forever. they want their office, they don’t want to protect the United States. They somehow think that America is eternal and can never be defeated. They are going to be in for a great wake up call, sir.

Whether or not you like Glenn Beck, whether nor not you think Fox News is biased Conservative drivel or real news, you can’t dispute Scheuer’s points. What do we do about it? Contact your representatives and senators. Get border security on their radar again. Don’t even mention illegal immigrants in your message. I’ve been saying for years that a major reason to secure our borders is to secure the future of our country and its citizens. Do we need another 9/11 to make this point to Congress? I pray not.


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