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Three Years, Five Million Minds

Posted by cann0nba11 on February 23, 2009

Attention Conservative warriors!

We’ve got a job to do and about three years to do it. We know that President Obama and the Democrats are planning on spending America into despair. We know that they want to give more rights to those that hate America and take them away from those that love America. We know that they want to stifle free speech and strong-arm every possible bill they can come up with. And we know that President Obama cares more about what the world thinks about America than what Americans think about America.

Its only been a month yet we’ve already seen the future. While the Democrats have the votes they need, they won’t take ownership of their legislation. They need Republican human shields to vote with them so that when these crap sandwich bills and stimulus packages are force fed to us and then miserably fail, Dems can say “it’s not our fault, it was a bipartisan bill!”

It is time to plant the seeds of a crop that will bloom in late 2011. We need to rebuild the voter base, the party will follow suit. We need to make our side of the aisle cool, sexy, and funny. After all, far too many voters get their news from comedy shows, far too many voters create their casual political opinions under the saturation of late night television comedians. Magazine covers, email messages and product placement are where its at.

Obama won by less than ten million votes. For the pendulum to swing back we need to educate at least five million voters. Three years, five million minds. Ready?

Take a look at the table below (culled from this great interactive link). The raw data from my spreadsheet can be seen here.

Increase of Democratic Presidential Votes from 2004 to 2008

Increase of Democratic Presidential Votes from 2004 to 2008

The Obama generation is dominated by the 18-29 year old demographic. This group accounted for 23 million votes, or about 18% of all voters. In fact, this was the second largest youth turnout in American history. Within this group, 15.3M voted Obama, 7.7M for McCain; approximately a 2:1 ratio.

The 30-44 demographic also played a significant role. This group was 53:46 Republican in 2004 — this ratio flipped to 52:46 in favor of the Democrats in 2008, creating a net gain of 3.3M voters for Obama.

The black vote was also important in this election. Historically speaking blacks have voted democratic (85-90% per presidential election since 1980). This time around, the number jumped from 88% in 2004 to 95% in 2008, accounting for more than 4.2M additional votes for the Dems. First time voters accounted for a 2.7M gain for Obama. However, these two groups overlap with the two age demographics mentioned above.

My not-so-humble opinion is that the RNC and Conservatives in general need to focus on friends, family and coworkers that are primarily in the 18-29 demo. We also need to focus on high school students. Remember, Today’s freshman and sophomores are 2012’s voters!

So what do we do? Here’s a list off the top of my head:

  • Be a loud talker! Be diligent in pointing out the flaws of the Obama campaign in a factual manner to anyone you can.
  • Refer people to sites like, or better yet, “mainstream” media sites with stories that point out the hypocrisy of the liberal mindset.
  • Learn your factual talking points that dispute the common liberal one-liners:
  • Be diligent and stubborn. Do not cave in to whining liberal rhetoric. Point out any and all flaws in liberal arguments. When confronted with facts liberals usually:
    • change the subject to another myth
    • question your sources and/or give up because they are unable to quote sources for their “data”
    • rely on emotions and avoid the facts, bringing up humanitarian issues with no factual basis
    • say they don’t care
    • resort to name calling or sheer denial
  • Remind them that people have died trying to exercise their right to vote. Let them know that an uneducated vote is far worse than not voting at all.

Ultimately our goal as Conservatives is to educate and change the minds of five million voters. President Obama won by about ten million votes. If we can claim half of those minds we can make the fight even again. If we do a good enough job they will also tell their friends and family and we will regain control of our government and our country again.

And to reinforce the urgency of our need for action NOW, please take a look at the message that sent out to its thousands of members last week. Let’s get to TALKING LOUD!!!


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