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American Idol Rant

Posted by cann0nba11 on March 20, 2009

I like American Idol. I’m a musician, I married a musician, it’s one of our family guilty pleasures.  But I miss the days when time American Idol used to be a “singing competition.” Simon occasionally uses this term during some of his critiques. But he’s not consistent. And the bias of the judges is getting easier to notice. For example, for whatever reason, they all love Megan, who I refer to as “Arm Tat.” She’s got an average voice at best, but the judges have her on a pedestal. Simon described her as “current” and  “something that this competition needs.” Um, if Megan is current, current sucks.

I understand the need to stimulate ratings, hence the survival of the schizophrenic in the shiny shirt (he never took this seriously and took a slot away from someone that actually respected this amazingly rare opportunity), and the over-dramatic girly-boy, but c’mon. Some great singers got cut before the final group, so don’t tell me this is a “singing competition.” If it was, Jorge from Puerto Rico would still be in and Megan, Blind Guy, and/or Oil Rig guy would be out.

My prediction? It will be Danny versus Adam in a battle of straight versus gay America. Quality mature power vocals versus over-the-top Axel Rose/Freddy Mercury. If Adam saves “Sweet Child O’ Mine” for the finals, he will win.


One Response to “American Idol Rant”

  1. Bruce said

    Do people actually watch Idol anymore? To me – also a lifelong musician – it is simply unbearable. Singers? These people can’t sing. The “current” thing is nothing more than a collection of vocal gymnastics. They have no voice, no style, use these vocal gymnastics because voice coaches know they can’t sing and use it to disguise that fact from an equally dumb audience. It’s CRAP – not singling. These clowns couldn’t carry a tune in a wheelbarrow!

    Gak … American “IDOL” indeed.

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