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Bonus Bull

Posted by cann0nba11 on March 20, 2009

Just a short comment here: When the government starts knee-jerking and voting to tax individual citizens based on the bonus that their employment contracts guaranteed them we need to worry. If CONGRESS would READ the bills that they SIGN, we might not be in this situation. But when you have a financially ignorant President scaring America and trying to get the masses to approve of massively stupid financial actions, you are setting yourself up for disaster. While paying bonuses to employees at a company that lost $61B last quarter may be obscene and offensive, drafting tax law to single out American citizens by name is legitimately INSANE. It sets a scary precedent, who will they tax next?

President Obama is redefining the word “incompetent” at light speed. Note to Neo-Libs: You thought Bush was bumbling? We aren’t even two months into this hell and we are quickly learning that Brack-O is good at one thing and one thing only: public appearances. Can we have a do-over for November? Oh wait, that’s right. Barack-O is omniscient, he is all powerful. He will pay our bills and heal the sick. He will unite America and the rest of the globe.

Mr. President: Go to hell, and take Geitner and Gibbs with you. And Dodd. And Frank. And Rengel. And Pelosi. And Reid. And the Olbermann/Matthews twins.


One Response to “Bonus Bull”

  1. Bob G. said

    Just goes to show that “if” you can bullshit the masses into thinking they’re going to be “entertained”, and won’t have to lift a finger or think for themselves, you CAN get elected.
    And woe to those that bought onto this “gravy-train”…!

    THEY are OUR civil SERVANTS…They DO NOT “run the manor”…WE DO, and always will, thanks to the way our Constitution was laid out. They answer to US…not the other way around.
    Those in D.C. best grab a copy of it and READ it…they might actually LEARN something.

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