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Who Inherited What?

Posted by cann0nba11 on March 25, 2009

President Obama, cut the crap with the inheritance comments. You won the election, as you are fond of telling your opponents. Stop lying to America and deal with reality please. Did Bush spend like a football pro at a topless bar? Yes he did. But Barack-O is making Bush look frugal by comparison. Some perspective:

The Federal Budget

Notice anything? For starters, President Bush decreased the budget every year starting in 2004,with the exception of 2008. Why the exception? A $300B tax credit has a way of skewing your averages. The budget in 2008 was $450B, not the $1.3T that Obama keeps referring to. The 2009 budget is the same as the 2008 budget because Bush never signed the budget as Wicked Witch Pelosi wasn’t worth the signature. Bush was pushing to have the budget balanced by 2010. And, given the trend starting in 2004 you can see that we were heading in that direction.

Enter Barack-O.

The majority of the 2009 budget shown above is the $700B TARP crap signed by President Obama, not President Bush. But wait, there’s more. The president does not allocate funds to the federal government (thanks Ed); Congress does. And who controlled Congress in 2007-2008? Last year Democrats pushed resolutions through that ended up in the omnibus spending bill that Barack-O signed earlier this month.

As to the positive sounding claim from the president and vice president of “cutting the budget in half in five years.” maybe they can. But look at the pretty picture above. When you cut the $1.85T you start with in2009 your goal is $900B by 2013. That’s twice the amount of the last Bush budget. It’s easy to cut something when you start by quadrupling it first and then claim savings later on.

I don’t remember any president in my adult life that has whined and complained so often about the problems of his predecessor. Obama is so focused on campaigning for higher office that he apparently doesn’t realize that he’s reached the pinnacle of higher offices in America. Barack-O, please stop campaigning. Try appointing some people to your damned Treasury Department (you’ve filled one of the 18 seats…)

The press is silent, as usual, worshipping at the altar of Barack-O. The lemmings will continue to believe that he inhereted everything bad in the world from the evil Bush Monster. And unless conservatives do something about this we will all be screwed again in four years. Spread the truth. Get loud.


One Response to “Who Inherited What?”

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