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Homeschool Support Rally (HR 2084)

Posted by cann0nba11 on April 7, 2009

Today at the Texas State Capital about 250 supporters of homeschooling and parental rights let their voices be heard in support of Texas Parental Rights Restoration Act (TPRRA) (HB 2084). We thanked the many Texas legislators that are fighting to support our rights and put an end to crazy lawsuits that, among other things, allow grandparents to steal children away from their parents simply because the parents choose to homeschool. Governor Perry is an ardent supporter of homeschool rights and was the final speaker. (I got the chance to meet him afterwards.)

Committee members have been contacted. At this point the most effective strategy is for these legislators to hear only from their own constituents asking for support of the TPRRA. If your state representative is part of the Human Services Committee, please call and ask him/her to restore parental rights in Texas by supporting HB 2084 in the hearing on Thursday.

For more details please visit the Right In Texas web site or the Texas Home School Coalition web site. Talking points are available here.


One Response to “Homeschool Support Rally (HR 2084)”

  1. ggallagher said

    What about children’s rights? The rights of abused and neglected children by parents who are strung out on drugs, who have mental illness, who are incarcerated or just plain irresponsible?
    There were over 7,000 child victims of abuse in Tarrant county alone in 2008.
    Grandparents in Texas are not only saving grandchildren, but saving the taxpayers thousands of dollars. Many grandparents are having to go back to work and forget about retirement because their grandchildren have been dropped off on their doorstep.
    Saving these children is far more important than homeschool family squabbles. The state of Texas will have to raise these abused children if the grandparents don’t have access to them.
    Has anyone thought this bill through? Who would it affect? The abused and neglected children and the entire state of Texas. Homeschoolers are smarter than this. I have always admired them, but they should not let a few fractured family relationships affect the lives of thousands of abused and neglected children.

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