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Pirate Trouble

Posted by cann0nba11 on April 10, 2009

President Obama, where art thou? An American cargo ship has been attacked and you’ve said absolutely nothing. How much criticism would the former president have received for his silence? I can already imagine Olbermann’s spitting tirade.

So what do we do about the Somali pirate situation? The problem has been exacerbated by the Somali call for other pirate ships and their hostages to come to the scene as human shields. We are far past any chance for quick action. Even the captain’s successful escape went unanswered. Why aren’t there any Navy Seals in the water around the lifeboat? Why aren’t we circling this little orange nightmare like sharks around an injured whale?

Because Barack Obama is a Liberal pansy, that’s why. He is more interested in his own fame than he is with doing the job he has, um, earned. And now that other pirates are on the way, the situation is more complex. So before these Somali slime balls are able to join forces with their criminal brethren and make things worse, we need to make our move.

Why not move our ship right next to the lifeboat and lift the damned thing on board? Use a crane and lift it right out of the water, put it on the deck and then sail away. Kidnap the kidnappers. They are running out of water and food, they have no fuel to run away. Let them know that if they kill the American captain they will all die. Then restart the negotiations from a position of power. Too radical? The Captain might get killed? These bastards started the fight and we need to finish it. Otherwise we will be walked over again and again like a faithful beaten wife.

Too violent? Not politically correct enough? Then lets send in the Seals have them somehow pipe sleeping gas into the lifeboat. Knock them all out and then take over. Or just go in with guns a blazin’ and finish this once and for all. After all, “there are those that say that government should sit back and do nothing at all.” I wholeheartedly disagree.


4 Responses to “Pirate Trouble”

  1. jonolan said

    You assume that these vermin even care whether or not they die. It’r poor strategy to apply human motivations to such as these animals.

  2. cann0nba11 said

    Good point. However, I think if they had a death wish this would already be over. They want to live, they want the supplies, they want the fame of robbing America. I don’t think they want to die.

  3. jonolan said

    Possibly, but i still think it’s wrong to apply human motives to them. They’ve exhbited little or n indication of actually being human in the first place.

    I think it;s best to think of them – and Somalia in general – as an infected wound. A curretement is definitely in order.

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