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Alamo Tea Party Review

Posted by cann0nba11 on April 16, 2009

What a great event! More than 16,000 people attended the Alamo Tea Party in San Antonio. Glenn Beck was there, Ted Nugent was there (he still ROCKS the guitar). The crowd was amazingly respectful, polite, courteous, etc. The weather was perfect, the speakers all did great. Best of all, there was no trash, no violence, no broken windows or any of the artifacts often found at liberal protests.

This event was mostly attended by conservatives, but it was NOT a “let’s slam the Obama administration” event. It was a statement aimed at ALL government. BOTH parties. President Obama and President Bush. But you would never know that by watching CNN, or MSNBC or reading the LA Times.

For an in-depth review please listen to The Loud Talker at Live chat is also available, just create a user ID and password. Showtime is 3pm Central, 4pm Eastern, 1pm Left Coast. And for pictures please visit my publicly available Facebook photo album.

If you are listening to the show, here is the graphic I am referencing. The economy was improving in the middle of the Bush administration despite the war and despite 9/11. But look at how bad things get after Obama takes over and recommends never before seen spending. We are talking TRILLIONS here.


8 Responses to “Alamo Tea Party Review”

  1. 16,000 hypocritical idiots all in one place INCLUDING the least funny man on TV, Glen Beck? That sounds like the perfect place to build a wall around and forget about.

  2. cann0nba11 said

    Thanks for visiting FD> So what exactly is your point? What do you disagree with Beck about? What do you think the protests were about? I’m glad to approve your comment, but bring some substance man! Don’t propogate the stereotype of the uninformed knee-jerker liberal.

    Do you even know what the rallies were about?

  3. OdieO said

    Loud Talker (Paul) … I was interested to see your post on the Alamo tea party. I like … I saw a few minutes of it on TV, looked like a great place to be.

    Here in Portland, OR … believe it or not, the tea party had approx 7,000 attendee’s. For a liberal haven on the left coast, that was very good, more than I expected.

    Thanks for sharing your photos.

  4. gunpackinmomma said

    Hey futiledemocracy,

    Time to dig out the old dictionary, dust it off and educate yourself on what hypocritical and idiot mean. We conservatives have never wavered from the values and priciples that we have professed our whole lives. Yeah, go ahead and look those up too. I’m sorry your momma didn’t love you enough to ever model the values and principles this country was founded on. Hypocritical simply doesn’t apply.
    Idiot? Well let’s see… we want our govt. to respect and obey the U.S.Constitution, stop robbing our children’s and grandchildren’s money, keep their nose out of how we raise and educate our children and allow us to pursue our lives as we see fit. Only an idiot would give up all these rights and allow the govt. to take away he’s guns too.

  5. But your more than happy with your children inheriting a disaster of a climate? You were more than happy to let Mr Bush spend billions on a war? If he were Democrat you guys would have gone mad.

  6. You’re*
    Apologies, typo.

  7. cann0nba11 said

    Climate: Despite the snake oil Al Gore is selling, humans are not causing global warming. It is a naturally occurring phenomenon. We are a gnat on the ass of mother earth, our contributions to the atmoshphere are like adding a shot of tequila to a swimming pool. No effect. How the heck do you think the earth got out of its previous ice ages? Why are the polar caps on Mars changing shape? No SUVs up there, no farting cows. This is a natural thing, and much science has debunked the Gore b.s. that is out there.

    War: No, I’m not happy that we’ve spent about %650B on the war in Iraq. We could have spent $100B on it and finished the job four years ago if our soldiers could have fought the way they were trained instead of having to submit themselves to dangerous rules of engagement that have caused more of our men to get killed (stuff like “don’t shoot until shot at”, “don;t shoot across the border”, “don’t fire at mosques.” Stuff like that. Political correctness has cost more lives in this war than people tend to realize. Besides, $600B is a BARGAIN these days the way that government is spending. The war has so far cost less than the stupid TARP, and I’m sure we will have more TARPs to deal with.

  8. texcon said

    if your a true conservative forget trying to defend bush, he failed to hold to conservative ideals, he intiated tarp, and started the bailouts remember.

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