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The Parental Liberal

Posted by cann0nba11 on April 17, 2009

When I was a kid, if I got in trouble at school I would be punished by the teacher, then I would get punished by my parents. My parents believed what the teacher told them. My parents respected their authority.

My wife was a public school teacher for ten years. One of the reasons she no longer teaches is that parents have lost respect for the authority of school teachers. Many teachers can no longer use red ink to mark papers. They can’t single out students for bad behavior in class. They can’t hug their students for fear of sexual harassment lawsuits. Too many parents today take the word of their children over that of legitimate authority figures. In their eyes, their children can do no wrong. Don’t you dare suggest that little Johnny made a mistake or did something wrong. It was the other kid, it wasn’t his fault. My child is an angel and I will defend her to my last dying breath, no matter what.

I think that Obama voters are cut from the same cloth. They support their political child no matter what. They ignore facts, they ignore reality, they ignore lies and hypocrisy. No matter how well armed you are with legitimate information they will not capitulate. Barack Obama can do no wrong.How dare you insult their little angel. The more you do, the more they dig in. They become a cornered animal protecting its baby. (Fangs, claws and slobber sometimes apply.)

So what does this mean for America? Like the teenager that avoids a near-death experience or has a serious brush with the law, it will take a significant event of some sort for many Liberals to be shocked out of their political stupor. Eventually the political umbilical cord will be severed and they will grow up. Until then all we can do as conservatives is keep chipping away at their emotional defense shields. The truth will get through, it will just take time. We have a few years ahead of us, so break out the red pens and get to work!


5 Responses to “The Parental Liberal”

  1. Godless American said

    Gosh, it’s hard to respond to such a wide-spread accusation when you don’t give a single example. I guess that’s what you mean by “facts” and “figures”.

    What’s sad is you’re obviously not paying attention. Check out some of the recent shows by Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert, two guys I think you’ll agree are representative of the left’s politics, no? Both have lampooned Obama at least once, this week alone, for his stance on torture investigations.

    See, the Left wing continues to question their representatives. We don’t bend over like the Right wing Congress and Senate did during Bush’s first 6 years, or like Bush supporters who cried out for eight years that questioning your president was unpatriotic.

    Lefty’s win, again. Maybe it’s because there’s so many sheep on the Right.

  2. Anonymous said

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  3. cann0nba11 said

    Mr. Godless,

    Thanks for visiting and commenting. You say “What’s sad is you’re obviously not paying attention.” You couldnt be more wrong. I enjoy the humor of Colbert and Stewart, but when you look at their ratios of lampooning the left and right you will probably find it 10 to 1 bashing the right. I truly enjoyed Stewarts slamming of Team Obama over the vets paying for their own insurance topic. But I tend to think that you may not be seeing the same ratios that I am.

    I dont remember any conservatves crying about “questioning the president.” I remember many crying out about the wonton abuse, deriding and insulting of the president. There is a huge difference between the two. Letterman, Olberman, Leno, Stewart, Mahr. They are died in the wool Liberals that helped bash the Right relentlessly straight on through to the election. And then they continued to bash Bush long after Obama won. Classless.

    As to the sheep reference, there are sheep on both sides. I tend to think that people on the right are more in touch with the issues and their impact on the future of America while people on the left are more in touch with the image of America and their emotions.

    The point of my post is that the more you criticize Obama, the more that you point out how he has blatantly lied, flip flopped or contradicted himself, his supporters simply ignore this and defend him just because they voted for him. He has flipped on Cuba, troop deployments, presidential privilege, waterboarding and many more topics. He has lied about pork and transparency, and he nearly 50% of his appointments have come from the Clinton administration. Where is the change in that?

    Again, thanks for visiting and commenting. I know we will never agree, but I appreciate the dialog.

  4. Godless American said

    Well, your ration may be true but that’s because the Right provides so many perfect situations of irrational behavior.

    Obama hasn’t been lying per se, as much as changing his mind and not being able to accomplish everything he’d like to. He’s only one man, and if you think the Dem congress or senate will roll over for him, like the Right did for Bush, you’ve got another lesson coming. New facts come in and new data is given to the President. I want a President who changes his mind based on the data given, as long as they stay on target which Obama has. Bush kept telling America the same lies, even when everyone knew they were lies because he had a one track mind to reality and it couldn’t be changed. Maybe his confidence that “God” spoke to him kept him from ever considering changing circumstance.

    Since the war in Iraq has started the Right has been in full support of Bush and Cheney. They couldn’t do wrong by the Right and whenever anyone questioned them, their motives, the data, etc. they were labeled as unAmerican, unpatriotic, etc. I don’t know how that couldn’t have been more obvious. It does seem though that the Right is going through a time of amnesia, conveniently forgetting everything about the last eight years.

    There are sheep on both sides. But, the religious majority are on the Right and they are all sheep; even by their own metaphoric references. I think the Right tends to be more emotional while the left is more rational. The right doesn’t get a little upset, or angry, they get really angry and ready to kill someone, blow something up, or secede from the nation. There’s leftys that think that way too, but they’re not in the national media forum, they’re marginalized; while the Right’s wingnuts are out there for everyone to see and are supported by most Republicans, i.e. Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Bachman, etc.

    Flip-flopped is a cliche term used during the Bush administration to show someone has changed their mind. When new information is presented I want a President that can rationally make decisions based on the data available, not just what they want to believe like Bush and Cheney. He hasn’t flipped or lied about any of those things; he has changed his policy at the moment. Your not taking into account that it’s only been 3 months, he can only change so much. Secondly, he doesn’t have the absolute following of Dems in congress or senate, which Bush did enjoy for most of his eight years. I would love to see a change going back to the Clinton admin and then a little further Left. Remember, there was a budget SURPLUS when Clinton left office. That’s a tax and spend Democrat for you; actually dems are more fiscally responsible then reps.

  5. cann0nba11 said

    I agree about the use of “flip flop”, I’ve hate that term for years. I agree that people can change their minds when they learn facts. I thought this about President Clinton (who I voted for both times). If you learn new information, you have a right to change your mind. My issue with President Obama is that he formed his opinions without any information for political expedience, and now that he’s in office he’s learning that he maybe shouldnt have been so forceful with his opinions pre-election. Im cool with that, but I wonder how cool Liberals are with that.

    Tell me what lie Bush repeated… this one drives me crazy. He didn’t lie about WMD. He worked on the best information they had at the time, and many Democrats agreed with his decision. Making statements based on what you believe to be true, based on evidence presented to you by supposed experts, is NOT telling a lie. So tell me what lie you are referring to.

    As far as the budget surplus, I’ve addressed that in other articles. The surpluse was largely due to the massive tax income generated from the dot-com boom. It was decreasing when Bush took over. The dot com bust neutrslized nearly $7 trillion in expected tax income. It started to fall, Bush started spending. BUT, and this is a BIG but, even after factoring in the dot-com bust AND 9/11, the Bush economy was increasing and the defecits were shrinking. Obama has taken debt to an entirely new level, “trillion” is the new million apparently. 😐

    Thanks again for the comments, please visit often. 🙂

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